Macbook Pro thread

You got a Macbook Pro? Do you use a mouse for it or the trackpad? I’m used to using mice and feel like the trackpad is slowing me down but I don’t know whether in time I’ll be quicker with the trackpad so should stick with it or not

Magic mouse on my work Mac

Mostly using it for ‘coding’ and find it a ballache to select long bits of text with the trackpad, end up having to use two hands

@Epimer your Apple evangelism is needed

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I use a dirt cheap logitech mouse and a mousepad that a friend gave me (before that I’d just slam the mouse against the desk and the clack-clacking was annoying). I use the trackpad when I’m working out and about and it’s a hassle tbh.

MacBook Air special boy here. I use the trackpad, find it really good for general navigation stuff but I can imagine selecting loads of texts or doing any graphic designy stuff would be a bit annoying.

I’ve got a Macbook Pro and I love the trackpad and the gestures but I also use a mouse when I have it plugged into a monitor.

Have you got it set up for three-finger drag/highlighting?

I haven’t changed any settings other than the trackpad speed so probably not, what does that do?

Found it thanks will report back shortly

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The gestures are brilliant once you get used to them. I struggle without them now.

Three finger drag, two finger right-click, four finger mission control etc etc

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Well it is Thursday


Ooo that’s lovely

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Four-finger mission control as a ‘move’ in ‘the bedroom’ has done me slightly


genuinely never used a macbook

Was doing some Microsoft wording on the MacBook yesterday (air, not pro, I’m not a complete lost cause).

It was horrendous

I’ve got used to it now (work laptop) so it’s fine. Don’t use any of the fancy trackpad features. Mostly just got really good at keyboard shortcuts in sublime for “coding”

I use a MacBook Pro with the trackpad and that little bar at the top that changes to all sorts of different buttons. Find it really nice to use, but looking downwards all the time at the screen is hurting my neck, so I’ve bought a stand and gonna have to get a new keyboard and mouse that I’m not happy about


Reall irksome thing is if you want the mouse scroll wheel to work as normal you have to invert it which also inverts the equivalent track pad move