Macbook Pro thread

Yeah it’s the only real downside, I’ve got mine on a little stand but would be ideal if the monitor and keyboard could be detached (reckon in future that’ll be possible)

I have an app that lets me replicate a windows middle mouse-click on the trackpad with 3 fingers. Couldn’t live without that

Yeah, this. But also yes to the “it’s annoying trying to do precision stuff without a mouse” so I tend to use both, both on my MacBook Pro and on my desktop Mac, where I bought a Magic Trackpad to go with the mouse. Trackpad words great for general navigation, web browsing, everyday tasks, etc, but for graphic design/photo editing/Ableton I use a mouse.

I’ve never noticed a mouse doing a lot when it’s plugged into a monitor.

Intrigued by the 3 finger thing. I’ve always hated trackpads for that particular issue of dragging out but the Mac (and now Windows Surface) having the button(s) ‘in’ the pad makes it harder. With the work Lenovo I could get a finger held on the left mouse button above the pad if I had to reposition my fingers.

Either way, I think a separate mouse is best really, just a lot better for control.



Macs should’ve stayed like this -


I’ve got a MacBook Pro but at home I have a cheap stand, and a wireless mouse and keyboard which makes it as close to a desktop as possible without having to shell out for a really good monitor.

im afraid not but good luck on your quest!

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I use the magic trackpad so I can position it differently and I love that. Game changer (it’s really expensive so I took it from work)

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Yeah, I got one of these. Love it. I found myself using the one on the laptop all the time, even though I had a mouse connected. Without realising, over the course of a day i’d just start using the trackpad instead, often in a really hunched position that was killing my back.

Find it fine for precision stuff, like design and whatnot.

Generally don’t like using the trackpad. Use it on my personal MacBook since I’m generally floating around the house with it. Dining room, bedroom, living room, etc. Not dragging a mouse around with it, but rarely trying to do anything precise. Internet and music management is generally all I use it for. Occasionally do some photoshop, gotta have the mouse then.

Work MacBook: On a stand, plugged into monitor with keyboard and wireless mouse. Use trackpad in the office if I’m not at the desk, naturally.

Just got a brand new Macbook Pro as my work machine (14-inch late 2021 model) and good god it’s the best computer I’ve ever owned. I have an M1 macbook air as my personal laptop and have been impressed by its speed but this thing is on another level, and the slightly chunkier form factor is a small price to pay to have Actual Ports back again. magic keyboard still slaps and RIP bozo to the touchbar, what a dumb gimmick that was


So tempted by one of these. Have a 2017 15" and it’s fine but starting to struggle a bit with certain things. Plus I have hated the keyboard from the get-go - must have been through about 10 cans of compressed air since I owned it.

Did you bother with any additional memory or storage (for your personal one or the work one)?

I work for a cybersecurity company so the MBP is locked down but the out-of-the-box spec (16GB memory/512gb flash) is more than enough for my needs as everything I use for work is in the cloud.

The screen is stunning but the biggest surprise for me has been the keyboard - I have a Keychron T4 mechanical keyboard but these new mac keyboards are almost as enjoyable to type on - and (to my wife’s relief) a hell of a lot quieter

My Air only has the 256gb of storage but I keep a lot of stuff in Dropbox as the Mac OS integration is so good.

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I’ve just got a 16" M1 Pro for work, had the 14" M1 Pro with the touchbar (which I do actually like) until now, but I’m extremely pleased there’s way more ports on this. Won’t have to fart around with a pointless Bluetooth keyboard

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Actually, looking now and my current one is 512gb and only half full. Also have most things in the cloud or on my NAS drive. So maybe the standard model would be fine…

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my mate does music production (professionally not dabbling) so got himself an absolute monster of a macbook pro, I am jealous of it

I am typing on my macbook pro… it’s 8 years old and still work perfectly other than the speakers. Which obviously I don’t use anyway. Tempted to buy a new one, but I dunno if there would be any benefit relatively to the price when Ableton still runs just about well enough on this.

I have one that needs sorting

had to replace the old HDD with an SSD after two hard drive failures

not sure what to do about getting the OS reinstalled tho

(pls help, somebody)