MacGyvering/improvising thread

Let’s share times where we have improvised a solution to a problem!

My electric screwdriver is difficult to charge because any charging adaptor I’ve tried doesn’t fit very well so needs to be held in place at quite a specific angle. So I “MacGyvered” a solution with a HEMA sleep mask:

(there aren’t any rubber bands in the house because every time we get one I fire them about the place until someone or something gets damaged and then I need to put them in the bin in atonement)


My heart rate monitor strap broke on Saturday morning so I taped the sensor to my chest with kinesiology tape

HEMA should do an advertising campaign which incorporates the chorus of the Crowded House song Don’t Dream It’s Over.

Is this the Practical Hacks thread?


I took the word “practical” and the word “hacks” and I strapped them together to make a new timesaving word.

I’m more of a ‘hacktical’ man

So many syllables!

Absolutely not.

The HEMA sleep mask comes to the rescue again! I wanted to record a slide guitar part but I can’t really play slide guitar (or guitar generally, but there’s only so much a £3 sleep mask can do) because I’ve not learned how to mute all the extra string noise.

Enter: the £3 HEMA sleep mute

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