Macs are better than PCs in every possible way

Face it. The only reason you wouldn’t buy a Mac is because you’re a cheapskate who thinks they’re saving money on something.

Ever heard “Buy cheap buy twice.”? @discobot has.

Macs are easier to use, last longer, have better applications available and basically are computers without the bullshit.

People only want to use Windows for the same reason they want a pedal board with like 50 pedals even though they only actually use 2 and then spend most of their time working out why there’s no sound coming out when they plug it in.

Obviously this all applies to iPhones being vastly superior to Android too, but let’s keep this discussion on topic.

Linux etc. is for people who strive to find ways to identify themselves through “things”. See: Harry Potter thread.




My iMac is nine years old, still working perfectly and never had anything go wrong with it, true.

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b-but my work

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Watch out mate, the PC brigade will try to silence you


My brother in law has been convinced by his next door neighbour that Apple are terrible and was berating me for buying an Apple TV. “You should get an Amazon Fire, with Kodi. Got all the films on it. Way more customisable”.

Two weeks later, it needs updating. Can he do it himself? Can he bollocks.


Was made to use a Mac for 2 years at work. Unreliable piece of crap. Blue screen of death all the bloody time, lack of accelerator key support in Excel, slow. Back on Windows now and it’s bloody great.

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Enjoy all the viruses!

(Macs don’t get viruses - was on an ad)

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I mean I was with you on everything, but policing want goes on a persons pedal board…?


Just get a Chromebook, all you need is shit on the internet, anything else is pure pretentious twattery.


I’m so fucking angry at this!

naaah, I have 3 dirt pedals before we even get to modulation & time based. :roll_eyes:
I have 4 pedals just for my bass board :confused:


can we talk about the new mac XS MAX and iWatch 4 now?

none of the software i use would run on a mac

I’ve had a fire stick for four years. Never had to do anything or have anyone come to do anything.

Must have been unlucky. I’ve not had a Mac do anything like that at home or at work since the G4 came out.

Steve Jobs is dead, get over it!

“Ah shit, my computer’s running low on RAM. Better get some more.”

PC user: go on, run the tool that shows what RAM is compatible, spend about £150, unscrew the back of the case, install, done.

Mac user: lol the RAM is soldered onto the board. New computer for £1500, thanks.


…dead excited about the new iPhone.

Dunno - was pretty commonplace for other folks. HQ is in San Francisco so it’s basically the law that you have to use Apple for everything.