Macs are better than PCs in every possible way



he has mentioned getting his laptop replaced after his gf broke it in a recent album, he didn’t mention mac


Can’t be an Apple wanker then, otherwise he would have said “my MacBook Air” rather than “my laptop”.


yeah that was my thinking.

Pretty sure he hates everything


This is exactly the kind of thing that’d get several thousand retweets on twitter.


It’s done.


What will you do now that you’re famous?


Build me a custom PC rig, of course


you’re part of the problem!


i have a macbook for ableton

my friend works for apple so got me a sweet discount



also, i do find this meme amusing [tis a homophobic slur that has been removed if you’re wondering]


CERN used NeXT computers, precursors to modern macs, when they invented the internet


Wish I still had my Atari 520ST. Best computer of all time tbh tbf.


One down, several thousand to go!


can you unlike a tweet


I think if you hit the two arrows forming a kinda square


changed my mind, macs are great!