Macs are better than PCs in every possible way


sure they do. more like

windows user: laptop takes 10 minutes to boot up and no longer runs anymore; may as well buy a new one.

Have you installed Kodi on it? That’s what needed updating. And what needs constant updating.

thought that said ‘epimer’ for a minute


That is a shit thing about Mac’s. Old laptop - was able to add more RAM, change the HD for an SSD… Alas no longer. I would probably jump ship, but have used Macs for so long I’m essential locked in their eco-system. Like a consumer cyber prison.


If Windows introduced hot-corners I probably wouldn’t care which I used. As it is it feels like I’ve had an arm cut off in the rare event I have to use Windows.

I like the touch bar, it’s fucking shit

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If they start making the 160gb ipod classic (the greatest piece of consumer electronics ever created) again, I’ll feel differently about them.


Is this a troll thread or not? The serious answer is that Apple hardware is much shitter and way less reliable than it used to be in every conceivable way, but the operating system remains superior to Windows, and for my job (software development) it’s way, way easier than Windows, and only twats use linux.


The only reason people get Kodi is so they can watch stuff illegally, of course you’re going to have problems with it.

I still use Windows 98

It’s obviously a troll thread :slight_smile:

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Yeah I feel like I’ve not slept in about a thousand years so I don’t know what is and isn’t real

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Big fan of the latest Macbook/Pros that have removed all the USB ports, SD card readers etc and replaced them all with USB-C ports, a standard that literally no-one uses.

In fact, if you get a new iPhone the cord in the box is an old USB one, so if you want to plug it into your Macbook you have to get a USB-C lead.

Got to applaud @ma0sm for some excellent beeves-stoking threads this week.

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USB-C is my most commonly used cable.

iPhones > All other phones

This isn’t the case with Macs vs all other laptops/PCs but they are a quality product and no denyin’

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don’t like iphones either

Before a certain date, things did go wrong. I’ve not had a Mac stop working for at least a decade, either at work or at home.

I love them. Everything just… works**. That’s what I need.

**- Yes I know this doesn’t extend to when the hardware gets fucked and Apple want loads of £££ to sort it, that’s how they make their money I know this

also they cost one thousand pounds


can’t play games on them, probably can’t run Ableton on them either