Mad Men - Season 1 Rewatch and discussion club

mentioned this a while back and seemed like a few people might be up for it. @Slicky @shes_so_high @grievoustim others??

maybe @anon50098204 will finally watch it?

don’t think there’s much point having a rigorous viewing schedule but how about if we all aim to watch the first episode (or two) over the weekend and then watch the rest over the next few weeks?

obv just spoiler any big stuff for people who haven’t seen, etc.

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I’ll join in the threads as I watched the first season for the first time pretty recently

(thought it was “ok” and haven’t been bothered continuing on to the second season)


I’m away from Saturday with shit internet , so I might need to play catch up in a week or so

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I am IN like Jon Hamm’s penis in the gossip papers



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Very in.

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i think it is “very good” and i would recommend continuing into the second season


I’m off tomorrow as I’m being second jabbed this evening. It will be my…5th watch through though? So I’m up for in depth discussion even if I’m a little behind.

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I think it’s ‘amazing’ so keep with it.

So very IN on this Eric. Very excited.


2nd watch for me, quite excited


fyi everyone i’m currently in talks with slicky’s agent to see if she can provide some exclusive commentary on the subtext of the wardrobe for each episode


I’ll provide the running count of visible penis outlines

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is it still on the netflix?

currently streaming on prime according to justwatch

of course, i wouldn’t be caught dead with anything less than the bluray boxset, but each to their own.


I am IN!


The small version of your avatar keeps looking to me like Aragorn (I’m assuming this is from the Bakshi LotR) is having a loud conversation on the phone.

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I think the first Season is a different sort of thing to the others. It’s very focused on the ‘Who is Don Draper?’ hook. They relax that on later seasons. I thought it was good for 3 seasons and then in Season 4 it became really fucking good.

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Found this show quite boring when I tried to watch it originally but I was 17.

Feel like I should give it another chance, IN.


it is quite boring but in a good way. it really lends itself to giving it your full attention and soaking it in.