'Mad' stuff you did when you were a student


It boggles my tiny brain how many people have never cooked before starting uni.


My mum doesn’t really cook so I never learned. The only reason I know how to cook now is that I was curious and taught myself.

My sister lived at home through uni and until she moved in with her now husband, who can cook. She’s still never learned. To the extent that I was talking through how to make spag bol and she didn’t know how to chop an onion or where in the supermarket you’d get mince.


I never cooked apart from food tech at school

but cooking is easy so idk


One of my mates managed to make it through the first year of university still not knowing how to cook - we lived in catered halls (Tory) and beyond that he just lived on takeaways. Assume his mum had just done absolutely everything for him up to that point.

When we moved into our shared house in the second year, the depth of his ineptitude was revealed over the first few days. His first shop consisted of solely french bread pizzas, Findus crispy panckaes and tins of beans, He managed to get the oven working enough to follow the instructions on the packets to make the pizzas and crispy pancakes (including following the cooking instructions literally to the second) but evidently tins of beans didn’t have cooking instructions, leading to him sheepishly asking on day four or so how you heated up beans.

He’d also never washed up by this time - watching him trying to teach himself how to wash stuff up the first time was morbidly fascinating.

He’s now on the board of a FTSE 100 company :+1:


U can make mash without peeling the potatoes - I do, I cut the bad bits off but don’t peel them, there’s hardly a difference, ( not sure if how it wud affect a burns meal)



I’m sure someone told me this was standard mash practice in Ireland - any Irish people want to confirm?


See: it’s in the genes


Yeah, but I was going for the silky pureed mash thing that is traditional with a burns supper. :rofl:


MY GF’s family all leave the skins on but my parents never did when I was growing up.

In short: Inconclusive.


Love this. Sounds exactly like something you’d make a teenage character do in a shit sitcom


So much of my life fits that description


I just have cruel and unusual parents who made me and my sister do basically all of the weeknight cooking from about 13 on up.


We built a shrine to Susan Kennedy from Neighbours - it sat on top of the TV. Crazy times


a guy at our uni had so little concept
of how to cook that he once tried to slice an onion whilst holding it in his hand :grimacing:


How many stitches did he need?


fortunately someone stepped in before he mutilated himself


That belongs on https://www.reddit.com/r/madlads/


We invented the Strongbow Challenge. Who could drink the most Strongbow over the course of an evening (minimum entry - 6 litres).

At about the 5 litre mark two of my housemates had an actual fist fight because one of them asserted that a smaller guy beating a bigger guy in a fight in a film never happens in real life because the bigger guy always wins. The other was like ‘that’s bullshit mate, for instance Bruce Lee would beat a 7’ dude in a fight easily’. 20 minutes later they were kicking the fuck out of each other.

This was to be the first, and only, Strongbow Challenge.


I would have my money on Bruce Lee beating a 7 inch man.