Made any cockups lately?


I bought The Ring on bluray for £2 but it’s an italian version with no english subtitles :frog: does anyone want it?



Packed two skirts for my daughter for her to wear on Monday at school instead of a skirt and a cardigan.

“You’re such a DOOFUS, Daddy!”


classic dadding


Not sure if this is eligible but I was just discussing some work with a colleague and she was talking to me but staring intensely at my chest, which I thought was odd.

On closer inspection I am covered in toothpaste.


Oh god, loads.


Made an excel spreadsheet with a macro in it last week. And then didn’t save it as a macro-enabled spreadsheet. Had to write the macro again the other day.


We’ve all been there!!!


Spent the whole of yesterday afternoon creating a project named VFIT. It was supposed to be called VFIN.


Another one at work that has meant I’ve wasted hours of my time but it’s even more boring than the one about spreadsheets.


my life LOL


Muddled up flight departure and arrival times when booking a train home from the airport. By my calculations the train will be leaving when I’m in the air somewhere over Germany. Don’t think I’m going to catch it somehow.


Asked my colleague if there’d actually be any consequences if I didn’t complete my quarter performance thing. My manager was stood behind me and heard :persevere:


Oh, I accidentally covered myself in lube earlier too. Now I feel like an eel.




it’s not thursday!!


We’ve all been there!


There’s nothing filthy about educational medical mannequins you pervert.




not sure you’re making this any better tilly


except when they’re tit, willy, minge, and bum mannequins lol