Made any cockups lately?

not sure you’re making this any better tilly


except when they’re tit, willy, minge, and bum mannequins lol


Oh, we have a special scrote one too. That’s my fave.


I had to pour some drain beads (they were like scented beads that fizzed up to clean the drain out) but I poured them too quickly and they started to erode the sink away.

Cost like £4 as well and didn’t work cause I was too enthusiastic.


Made a couple of major ones this week, weirdly it works in my favour, have a bit of a reputation as a problem solver, people seem to forget most of the time I’m just finding my own mistakes

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jizz has posted in the wrong thread. what a cockup!!

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Not sure if you’re a football fan, but this makes you the Scott Parker of your organisation.

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my life is just one cockup after another rbh

This has brightened up my day.


Have a gig in London on 18th May. Realise this is the day before the Cup Final. Better book the hotel quick before they all get booked up. Find one in Hounslow for £37. Result. Non-refundable, but doesn’t matter.

Realise after I’ve booked it that I’ve already booked the same hotel for the same night, apparently I was organised enough to do this several months ago. Both rooms non-refundable. Fuck’s sake.

Anyone fancy a night in Hounslow on 18th May? Swervedriver gig the same night, if that swings it!



Hounslow is the jewel of Greater London. Sell the room at auction. You’ll make a fortune.


Decent street food tbf

Is is the US or Japanese version?

im a huge fan of @Tilly’s medical mannequin (ooh err!!!) i had take blood from one once and i shook its hand first

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oh you mean the original or remake. original, of course!

Just took my left ankle out with a bowling ball

I was merely making a joke based on the idea that if it were the US version there wouldn’t be any need for English subtitles.

My work here is done…

Except to say that the Naomi Watts version is actually decent enough to merit a watch :open_mouth:

ah very good! you’ve done me there.

re: your second point tho. nahhhhhh m88888888

Yeah I like the US version, the cultural references don’t really work in the Japanese version for me. A lot of it revolves around horses and… horses aren’t scary.