Made any life changes lately?

Or thinking of making any?

I’m thinking of becoming a swimming twat, i.e. geting up early and swimming before going to work in the mornings. Got a potential job interview for a change of career which will include having to pass a physical exam. Gotta get rid of some pizzabeer belly.

Pls tell me about any changes you have made or wish to make. Thank u.


Hi Eric! Have got quite into running and am enjoying that. Have also stopped taking sugar with my tea and coffee and feel that this has been a very positive choice


Got back into the habit of going to the gym a few times a week but the change has been to use an exercise bike rather than the treadmills. Boring as fuck quite frankly.

Also made the life change to start drinking tonic water in the home, it’s extremely classy as you can well imagine.

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Are you becoming a detective?

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Now that I’ve got over my knee injury, I am planning on building up to cycling in to work three days a week.

Having a bike also makes it possible for me to get to and from the nearest swimming pool before work too, which I’m hoping to do twice a week (on the days when I run home from the office)

What kind of job are you going for where you need to pass a physical exam?

you’re joining the rozzers, aren’t you?


Yo Marky-Mark, have you been cycling to build your knee back up or are you now cycling because your knee is better? Kind of flying blind with mine at the minute, feel like the cycling is probably doing it some good but I won’t know till I try to run on it again. Ealing is fast approaching…

Moving to South London like some kind of Antpoc/profk guy, not looking forward to it frankly.

Even worse than that I’m moving to Surrey like some kind of Balonz Casseroles.

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I’m probs moving away from south London in a matter of weeks…


Can’t decide what the worst revelation is in this thread but it’s making me angry thinking about it tbh

very much doubt i’ll make it through the numerous rounds of interviews but thought i would give it a bash. think regardless of what happens i need to consider a serious change of career. if i hear one more word about metrics and how to appeal to millennials i might jump out of a window.

Shit all round which ever way you look at it innit.

Yeah from now on it’ll be framing them for stuff so it’ll be all good!!

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I now drink pints of Pimms instead of lager.

I split up with my boyfriend last Friday. Pretty significant. It’s absolutely killing me at the moment but totally the right thing. We’ve been on and off for a while anyway.

I’m hoping to become a swimming twat too once I work out what the fuck is wrong with my ankle. I’ve got a belly and I’m really self conscious about it.



big difference between south west and south east London, mate.

i’m so sorry.

I have been doing a series of stretches/exercises every morning, given to me by the physio. The don’t build the knee up as such, but work some of the weaker muscles in my core and down my leg to make my posture better and reduce the risk of injury in the future. They recommended doing no running, cycling or swimming for 6 weeks after the marathon, but have said that it’s okay for me to start reintroducing them and building up slowly now, while still doing the exercises and stretches.

I’ve actually had a cold/chest infection for the past two weeks, so haven’t really done anything, but the physio has said that swimming and cycling should help with maintaining the stretch built up by the rehab.

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I guess I’ll start pissing in my garden and making threads about parking in the Bentall Centre :sleepy: