Made any life changes lately?

Gonna try out yoga tomorrow lunchtime. I’d like to start going twice a week if it’s good as I think it’ll help strengthen my core so I can get back running again. Terrified of farting though.

I’d also like to take up indoor climbing again but it’s hard to find a time when both me and the TV can make it and I hate bouldering so there’s no chance of going on my own.

Frensham ponds though, I guess.

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Oh yeah, I forgot I’ll be close to the ‘beach’.


What kind of yoga?

Trying to work on improving my posture, ie trying not to slouch when I sit down, not using my phone with my head at odd angles, not crossing my legs etc. Not going very well so far, as I keep forgetting.

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Dunno, the place near me does some general classes for n00bs in addition to their proper classes for experienced people so I’m going along to one tomorrow lunchtime

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I’ve started getting up at half six every weekday. Two days a week I go to the gym, three days a week I write a bit. Feel much healthier and energetic, and I’m finally making sustainable progress on the book I’ve been trying to write since 2008.

Also, it means I wake up earlier at weekends too, so I get more stuff done!

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the gym is soul-crushlingly boring isn’t it? will do my usual workout and be like ‘wlp, that’s enough for today!’ and realise i’ve barely broken a sweat but that i just cba to hang around anymore.

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Positive change: when my ankle has healed I’ve found a crossfire gym nearby and going to go full fit wanker

Neutral/Negative change: as of July first my office will be in London.

It’s so shit, friend. So, so shit.

I haven’t been able to do outdoor running recently which I’m increasingly finding helps a lot with feeling good about myself for a fucking change, the gym doesn’t replicate that :disappointed:

a few for me

-taken up Yoga on tuesday mornings before work. I really like it, and might look into doing it more frequently

-installed a turntable and speakers in the kitchen. Means I can listen to my records while cooking, eating, washing up and I fucking love it

-Middle daughter is done with normal school this week (off to sixth form and will be making her own way there). This means no more school runs on Thursdays and Fridays - which means more opportunity for pre work bike rides. I’ve missed them a lot since the days I have my kids changed a while ago

  • looking at applying for a couple of new jobs (at the same company). Really not enjoying my current responsibilities. Don’t think my manager will be too happy when I tell her, as my current responsibilities were kind of sold to me as a “new job” a couple of months back. But it’s really not what they said it would be, it is dullllllllllllll.

Now I’m back from holiday I’m trying to be sensible with my diet - basically cutting out snacks, and healthier option for lunch, seeing how far that gets me.

Bringing a book to read on my commute, it’s not much time but better than reading Twitter and I can save podcasts for the walking part.

Getting back on the running horse on Saturday :frowning:

life changes;

-eating properly now. fruit and veggies and stuff like a proper grown up.
-walking the dog three times a day like he used to get rather than the lackluster once every two days.
-stopped using my phone at home between 5pm and 9pm.

keep trying to get thinner but really what’s the point?

I have nothing to live for and it kind of sucks

I’ve been trying to be more direct with the TV. Not in any rude or ignorant way but we seemed to be spending increasing amounts of time having pointless circular conversations like -

TV - Where should we take the kids today?
CJ - How about [place A]?
TV - Well I was thinking about [place B].
CJ - Cool. Let’s do that.
TV - Or we could do [place A] I guess.
CJ - No, [place B] is fine.
TV - OK, great. But we could always just go to [place C] instead.
CJ - Would you rather do that?
TV - Well I’m just saying…
CJ - No, [place B] is fine.
TV - We did go there recently though.
CJ - OK, let’s do [place C]
TV - There’s always [place D] as well.
CJ - Erm…
TV - You’re being really unhelpful here!


How do you do that, friend?

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oh forgot one

Reading my book at lunchtimes.

This is my life (but without the kids part).

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Trying Couch 2 5k for about the 5th time. Really determined this time. But then I was for the 3rd and 4th time…

Shaved my beard right down for summer last night as well. Not sure it looks quite right yet but I do feel less warm.

full fat → semi skimmed → full fat again. much tastier.

the shop only had semi skimmed this morning though so i’ve gone back AGAIN

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