Made any (non-serious) enemies recently?

The new site manager here. Fucking prick. Same grade as me but in charge of the site and always complaining about our parking etc Bursts into our office saying ‘I don’t know any of your names but could whoever owns…’

Bamnan :frowning:

Do go on…

Was stood waiting for a bus with my headphones in and a cyclist was dead annoyed cos I was in his way, looked round giving me abuse as he sped off.

Still fuming about it. It’s the pavement, knobhead.

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That’s it!

He has also told his staff that they aren’t allowed to talk to each other, use non-branded mugs, have tea breaks (I assume they have to drink tea at lunchbreak) and some other stuff. (apparently)

A time-wasting twat from work last week. He’s visiting the office today, so I’m WFH instead. Total bellend.

Cyclists who go on the pavement are the fucking pits. I hate them. Saw one dickhead get off and berate an old man who said “get off the pavement” as he rode past the other day. Absolute whopper of a human being.

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He sounds like a nasty piece of work. Maybe you can usurp him by showing his staff kindness.

Should be legal to shove a walking stick through their spokes tbh. Total weapons.


Fuck those cunts!

(I don’t really have anything to do with them other than hearing them whinge to me at the coffee machine)

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I purposefully get in the way of anyone cycling on the pavement.


So do I, I genuinely hope they fall off and injure themselves when I do it as well

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Who is your favourite colleague?

He wasn’t a cyclist. He was just a bloke riding a bike. :wink:

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Most people, Tone.

My tolerance of other human-beings in real life is virtually nil.

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it backfired on me once when someone genuinely tried to ride into me :frowning:

I’ve been shouted at for being on the pavement a number of times. I patiently pointed to the line drawing of a bicycle on the ground and informed them that the footpath was elsewhere and this was, in fact, a cycle lane. They told me to fuck off. It is surprising how many people think a cycle lane is a footpath. Quite astounding.

Just for balance…

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downstairs neighbour who kept moving my bike from in front of our shared building to park one of theirs there and i let down their tyre in retaliation, couple of months later they still haven’t pumped it back up which makes me feel weirdly guilty which makes me hate them even more


Can I slap pedestrians who wander around in the road?

You can slap people who don’t look before crossing the road, certainly.