Made that Meera Sodha’s 100 garlic clove curry last night

Could’ve done with a bit more garlic.


Been on my list for a while this Jords. Did you actually make it or are you doing a bit?


Clovely stuff

Just doing a bit.

Looking it up, it looks pretty standard to be honest? The 100 garlic cloves just feels like a gimmick.

Big garlic fan though, if you’d like to talk about garlic?

Peeling 100 cloves sounds boring af too. I’d love to talk about garlic, whenever I go back to my hometown my uncle always gives me some wild garlic he grows in his allotment, great stuff.

I’m off to Madrid late March and swinging by Chinchon which is famed for its garlic, appaz. Gonna have some sopa de ajo.

My uncle gave me some Damson wine at christmas. Would you like to talk about uncles, too?

Just cheat…

Other garlic chat - the garlic farm on The Island Of White is worth a visit if ever passing :+1:

Ooft that all sounds nice man, never had garlic soup before but would eat.

I’d love to talk about uncles, the same uncle who gave me the garlic is called Keith and he used to play in goal very briefly for Lincoln City FC when Graham Taylor was managing us. My granny often speaks fondly of Graham popping over to her house to tell her he was going to sign her son.

Ah, you’re an imp? A mate of mine goes to quite a few games. If you see someone who looks like Robert Smith but twenty years younger say eyup from me.

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Had some of their products before, quite decent.

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I have no garlic comment (other than I like it, and if I was choosing a naan, I’d go for a garlic naan)

In uncle news - I have no uncles.

I forget you’re only over the way in Notts innit. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for yer man #UTI

Anyone watch that Meera Sodha thing on BBC4 the other night?

I’ve been using frozen garlic a bit recently, works really well. This is the stuff

I’ve got an uncle called garlic


Just bang a full jar of lazy garlic in there

Aye this seems like the way to go.

I’ve had garlic beer before. Drinkable as a one-off but probably wouldn’t’ revisit tbh tbf…