Madonna general appreciation thread

Thought we should have a thread seeing as Like a Prayer (the album that is) is 30 years old today


That’s an amazing song.

She was a bit rubbish at her Hyde Park concert in 2012 (I think) but Like A Prayer was brilliant that night.

10/10 artist.

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Like A Prayer is her best song. This is a total banger though:


Immaculate Collection lives up to its name.

Stuff after was a bit all over the place for me though


80s stuff is untouchable innit


Borderline is great.

Think she should get credit for not being dead. That’s a serious comment btw, coming through that level of fame is impressive in itself.


Like all the best ones she’s released some 10/10 stuff (Ray of Light) and some 1/10 stuff (American Life) that makes you appreciate the 10/10 stuff even more.

They put this up on Spotify for the Like a Prayer anniversary - some remixes, extended versions etc

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My first ever gig was Madonna at Wembley in 1990. Blonde Ambition. The setlist from that show is incredible. Just the greatest pop show. My 14 year old self found the whole experience quite an awakening!

I love the fact that she has tried new things over the years. As has been said some were awful and others incredible. Like the pop Neil Young!

Also agreed that Hung Up was the best of the more recent stuff, that is Stuart Price’s best work in my opinion.


I’m glad Madonna was the gateway drug into DiS indie for someone else!

Hang on she didn’t play Borderline in 1987! Very controversial!

absolute banger


Heard it on the radio the other day and thought it was her stab at a ‘Purple Rain’ style epic. Successful as well i’d say, a classic track by any measure.

Agree that Immaculate Collection is pretty much faultless, but she did turn patchy afterwards, the Neil Young comparison is a good one.

Certain she’ll do Glastonbury one day.

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I was going to refute the claim but Like A Prayer is her best song, but then changed my mind. This is her second best, though:

  1. Like A Prayer
  2. Material Girl
  3. Into the Groove
  4. Music
  5. Vogue (…or is it Crazy for You?)

Into the groove is a fucking tune :+1:


True Blue (the album) gets pretty damn regular play 'round these parts. That’s probably the only album I’ve listened to multiple times, other than The Immaculate Collection.

She’s an artist I’ve always admired, rather than loved (with the exception of the two albums mentioned above). I never got the love for the Ray Of Light, but the run of singles up to then are pretty bloody great.

My sister’s German penfriend gave me this single as a charming Teutonic gift when she visited us. It is great.

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Never, ever tire of hearing that song.

Also love Live To Tell and This Used To Be My Playground.


Listening to original Like a Prayer album for the first time…well, ever. Weirdly I have never even thought of her having albums before Erotica, which I realise seems a bit crazy but in the 80s her songs were just everywhere - in fact she has two separate Wikipedia pages for discography, one for singles and one for albums.

Anyway it’s a really good album, although it’s incredible how there’s not even an attempt to make the Prince song sound like it belongs to the rest of it. Ha.