Used to love me a good magazine, not so much anymore though.

Anyone here get magazines? Any good ones? My favourite was National Geographic before Murdoch utterly ruined it.

I used to ocassionally buy pornographic magazines from the wildmill newsagents after my paperround when it was nice and quiet. Thing is, my mam worked in the post office there during weekdays. Never knew for sure if the people working there knew I was her son, and if they did whether they told her. I imagine if the first was true, the second would have been too though.

I buy a fanzine when I go to the football.

I used to work in an (amongst other things) Newsagents

I find it weird that there is a market for loads of different TV Soap magazines which the whole point of them is spoiling upcoming storylines.

I am a subscriber to When Saturday Comes because of a bargain fee and the offer of a David Squires book for ‘free’. I read it exclusively atop the toilet.

I used to read music magazines but there’s better content online these days.

But I do still read Private Eye and The New York regularly.

The New Yorker
The Economist
These Football Times
Time Out

I miss Select. that was a good music mag in the 90’s. And R.A.D (read and destroy) a skateboarding mag from late 80’s early 90’s. Was pleased to find an instagram account where someone is posting old photos and articles recently.

I was musing only yesterday on the decline of the jazz mag and the general ubiquity of porn these days. Back in the day, the only way to get a look at pics of woman’s bush was to happen upon a discarded Razzle or Fiesta in a hedgerow or at the local park. These days a kid can get front bottoms with a few swipes of his iPhone. They dunt know they’re born

“I’m just nipping to the shops to pick up a mag”

Such was the way that you had to look like you knew what you were doing and being as discrete as possible when buying pornographic magazines, I would find that I didn’t actually get to choose the one I wanted, rather just take one and put it underneath the newspaper I would already have in my hand. As a result, the first one I bought was called “Shaven Havens”, where the subject matter was female genitalia that no longer had any hair. Crossed my mind the other day that this was seen as a novelty or fetish at that time as opposed to the standard for pornography which it became over the subsequent years.

Occasionally buy Private Eye before a long journey but it generally makes me too angry and cynical.

Pretty much think of all magazine as expensive future litter tbh so maybe pick up the odd free one (Original Gravity for beer is good) but that’s it.

Used to buy Kerrang! every Wednesday and on the way back from town at lunchtime, we’d go to Newbridge fields and sit on the swings doing the quiz. None of the others liked “rock” music, but was a way to pass the time.

I enjoy buying a copy of Cosmopolitan and reading it on a long train or plane journey.

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Big fan of Delayed Gratification, which I only found out about because their editor has the same name as me. Still, a good look at news / current affairs with the benefit of hindsight.

Used to keep mine inside album covers. Not a place a parent would be inclined to look

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I assume you mean vinyl, or did you have tiny little jazz mags in a CD case?

This was pre-CD

I used to buy The Face every month and did so for a number of years. Kept them all with the view that ‘they’ll be worth something one day’.
Chucked them all out a few years ago when I moved house, bu made the mistake of checking their value online. Turns out they sell for £££s. I had dozens and dozens of them…


The lesson is never throw anything away and hoarde everything

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I got a subscription to WIRE for my birthday. Well happy, it’s the only magazine I’ve read for years. I stopped picking up photography ones purely because it boring content and BJP was just expensive.