I only get Private Eye and When Saturday Comes now. Used to get the Spectator as well, but I thought the quality of the writing went downhill a few years ago.


Yeeeesss!!! I remember an RPG that at one point had a really awkwardly shoehorned in South Park reference

And a couple of other ones: a coupla cool shooters and some weird game with all babies in it


What records did he have


Least good magazine was careless talk costs lives




and the shooter where you had to rescue babies from some kind of shopping centre was maybe the best of the lot


except the game where you were a time travelling snail and had to use the moves of your past self to solve platforming puzzles


Oh! For the FAO of @Flashinglight - you like dinosaurs, right? :smiley:


Multiple likes


I’m watching videos of all these now on youtube, sad to report that they all look absolutely terrible


Excellent. I love how so many of these tip things involve drilling holes in stuff :grinning:


Regularly bought NME, Melody Maker, Select and Empire back in the day, and Total Film sometimes.

More recently, Careless Talk Costs Lives (still got the whole run as I love the photos and a lot of the bands they covered), but even that’s 15 odd years ago now.


Have you seen the corn in the cob holders?


Anyone else here use Readly? Basically Spotify for magazines - pay a £7.99 monthly sub and get absolutely loads of mags available on your preferred electronic device. I ‘get’ Q, Mojo, Uncut, Electronic Sound, Empire, Viz, LWL, Edge, some veggie recipe thing etc every month, and my daughter has a load of kid’s magazines and comics on it (my wife largely ignores it).


Kerrang, Metal Hammer and PC Gamer

PC Gamer very much shaped me sense of humour

Various bits of writing from all of those magazines are still in my head

I’ve still got them all in my room and don’t know what to do with them

Anyone want them?