Magic Bag

The only options that ever come up for me are Costa, a chicken shop and a fancy grocers. The others sell out so fast.

Curious about the grocery place but i dont want to get landed with a load of veg on the turn that i then need to spend money on other ingredients to put them to use.

Remember me and my dad getting a mystery bag from Vinyl Exchange which was like a fiver or a tenner for 80 cds. the cds were all singles really and utter shite. Think Ricky from Eastenders single was in there


I did the Fred Aldous mystery tube of art which is a lovely idea but i just felt burdened with all these prints that i didn’t really like or want to frame so kept them in a tube for enough time to pass that my guilt subsided then recycled them all.

Love mystery things as a concept but its often just tat

There is usually a reason they’re being given away! Hope Costa have got their standards right though

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I did Too Good To Go a few times during the pandemic.

So much bread. Too much bread. Even made bread pudding and still had to throw away some bread.


Yeah, this is what I’d expect. When i worked in a cafe there was always so much bread and cake (especially in summer) leftover.

The first thing that came to mind was this:

Then I realised that it was lucky bag, not magic bag. And is apparently a drugs reference, which I thought was a bit brazen to be posting about so openly.

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Ooo, this seems to be basically the only place always going them by me. Looks like it could be worth trying.

Love a magic bag, annoyingly where I’ve moved to is limited at the moment. I’m forever tempted by trying the Toby Carvery one but it’s a 2 mile walk along busy roads for a 9pm collection.

Will never top when the fancy deli cleared out their stock, the pate had long expiry dates


Yeah the collection time is usually when m is in bed so i can’t pick up. Also, it seems people who are into magic bags are really into then. Like waking up and checking as the first thing they do running a monopoly on magic bags.


That cinnamon jelly sounds great! What a haul

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Yeah, when I was in Birmingham it seemed hard to secure them. I don’t get why I can’t get a notification when a bag becomes available for a place I favourite.

barburrito is 21.40 - 21.55 collection which is ridiculous

Just ordered one from my local starbucks literally 2 minutes walk away

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The last one I got was 3 bananas, 4 oranges and two bunches of soft grapes for £4. Was a bit disappointing.

Pollen and grace used to have a warehouse/storage unit in Vauxhall so would get a decent lunch from them on the app but no idea what happened to them.

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i don’t really have anywhere bar a local costa nearby to warrant doing this at the right time. i’d do a work one but i’m never there that late

also i reckon it’d be great if you had like, three of you, but that’s a lotta food for one person :smiley:

I’m a sucker for mystery things but yeah, it’s at least in part a way of getting rid of rubbish

My boyfriend used to have a subscription where they’d send him a box of like video game merch and that sort of thing. So much of it was garbage and he’s not great at throwing stuff out so we’ve still got various bits of useless ugly plastic tat around the place

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unrelated but hmv now do ‘mystery boxes’. legit full of crap