Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs: 20 years old.

Elsewhere, Get Lost and Holiday are better albums than 69LS overall, and I’ve got a huge soft spot for i, which is hugely underrated. FWIW, this is probably my favourite Stephin Merritt track:


Can’t believe there isn’t more love for ‘Underwear’ ITT. Love that song.

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An indie night I used to go to in Newcastle regularly kicked off with Underwear.

Actually, would definitely go to a Magnetic Fields disco, someone sort one yeah

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It is a wonderful song, and would probably place 6th on my Disc 3 list :slight_smile:

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Holiday for me! Really love that record.

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If we’re talking early stuff, Charm of the Highway Strip, Holiday and Get Lost are all largely excellent.

Plus, I often think When You Were My Baby off their second album is the best song Merritt ever wrote

I got it back in 2000, I think it was released later in the UK than in the US. I made a “23 love songs” minidisc of all the good stuff.

One of my favourite albums. First heard it at university, years after it came out I guess, and I just sounded like it was beamed from another planet, just this bizarre and beguiling mix of genres and tones with deadpan humour and this queer streak I’d never really been exposed to before. Used to be £5 in Fopp all the time, which is just ridiculous value.

Top five, as of today:

Papa was a Rodeo
All My Little Words
Busby Berkeley Dreams
Washington DC
Book of Love

Oh, and Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing, Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side, Kiss Me Like You Mean It…

On a side note, one of my favourite ever DiS posts comes from an old thread where people where encouraged to listen to a classic album for the first time and post their thoughts. Someone said they were going to try 69 Love Songs, then posted a few minutes later: “Holy shit, there’s like a hundred fucking songs on this”.


4 years ago I was flying back from New York and at the airport I got an alert from Merge that they were repressing 69 Love Songs on 6 x 10 inch red / black / clear vinyl; my general aim is get all albums I personally consider 9 or 10 /10 on wax so I pre ordered it. It came a few weeks later on import from the USA and I marvelled at the set but didn’t get round to playing it immediately.

Anyway, 3 years later, I went to play it and noticed that both the discs for Vol.2 were the same… on a punt I emailed Merge and they sent me a replacement copy from the USA within a week! Incredible.

Of course I listened to the album on that flight home, which was good for half (!) the journey.


Weirdly enough my coloured copy had a flaw that spoiled all of The One You Really Love and likewise they had a replacement out to me within the week.
Love merge and props for them also marking the value at sub £20 on the postage thus meaning no import fees :clap: