Magnetic Strip Knife Holder


Got one? I have one on the way.

Cheers guys!


I’d love one.

You’re a proper grown up.


Ooh, I don’t. Should get one though as my knife block is shit.

I have magnetic spice pots so why not a magnetic knife holder?


Had to tell me where you keep your spices, didn’t you?


I have a solid wooden knife block that has magnetic strips on each side. I like it.


Think I might order one now


:wink: Cheeky one aren’t I!


I saw that people use them to store toy cars too. Considering doing that too!


Even more grown up.



I went with this one:


We only realised we already owned one after 3 years in our flat!!! Madness. We now use it for our 3 high-quality knives.


I keep throwing the knives at it trying to be all cool but they don’t stick if you do that just take gouges out the countertop or bounce off and almost hit your toes


Forgive my ignorance, but what are the advantages of this over the traditional knife-block?


Your gouge juice?


Attracts sexual partners, saves on counter space.


doesn’t take up any kitchen surface space innit


Got one from Ikkerz, would you like a review?


I don’t recall asking for a review

Fuck off you editing turd!


that’s why I asked


Well, I’m lacking neither!!!