Main forum page layout

hey sean / theo have yous ever thought of changing the main forum page (or whatever you call it, this one: ) so that it displays all the threads together in a big list with newest first?

ie don’t split it into separate categories, just have the music and social threads mixed together depending on what ones are active. you could still see what board they had been posted to from the little label tags they have and you could still get to a list of only music board posts or only social board posts if you wanted to.

was just over on the discourse meta and noticed that’s how they had their one laid out. thought it might promote more cross board traffic.

just a thought



Does that on desktop.

On mobile I like the separation tbh, though that’s as somebody who uses both anyway. Have always found social boarder’s disdain for the music board a bit weird.


Ah, it did for a while I’m sure, must have changed it back without me noticing

I think @sean deliberately laid it out like this so it’s really up to him to mess with, otherwise I’d go and fiddle.

One issue with this is if it mixes everything together then you start seeing the spammy music stuff from The Classifieds appearing near the top which is possibly why Sean fixed it as he did.

On the other hand, it might mean less chance of people missing my obvious POTW contender pun in the Dawnwalker thread:

Literally can’t see any posts in this thread so apologies if this has been mentioned but all of sudden today everything is borked. See screenshot. All threads are like that right now for me.

Edit - when I posted I could now see the other posts in the thread.

You’re dead to me Smicarus! :wink: