Main problem with that is sounds entering of a different nature

answers are touch move your fucking shits!

Fucking hell, this is why it’s a bad idea to be born in the 90s.

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As we’re clearly in a banal thread: why is it that even the cheapest ibuprofen always come with nice easy-to-swallow coatings but paracetamols are always dusty and harder to swallow?

because seven ate nine?

the parrots eat them all


I’ve just realised where this line came from.

Does that make me old?

I guess so, it’s not really something I would imagine anyone would listen to that wasn’t there at the time.

It reminds me of my first year of university as the guy who used to defend the CD player in our studio used to play this all the time.

I don’t recognise it. Does that make me young?

(Or is this a bit of a sample from Endtroducing… that I’ve never listened to that closely?)

It’s from Brown Paper Bag (hence why it came up in the wrapping paper thread)

Not this time, no. But same era

Can’t remember which thread, but you cane out with a similar corker a few days ago. Didn’t have a single :purple_heart:. This forum.