Main Weekly Football Thread - FOOTBALL!



Newcastle - Spurs
Wigs - Colin
200 Away Fans - Woy
Huddersfield - Gammon
Tie Of The Weekend
Wolves - Everton


Heroes Champions Favourites - West Ham
Southampton - Burnley
The New Dawn - Old And Busted

Football, everyone! :soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer:

Main Weekly Football Thread - THE COUNTDOWN

Good morning parsefone


The best shirt number is 11.35

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Tie of the weekend is Derby - Leeds, yeah?


I’m looking forward to Fulham football club’s first game back in the Premier league. And I am also looking forward to seeing how some of their highly rated new signings perform, as well as seeing some of their standouts from last season (such as 18 year old Ryan Sessegnon) take their chance at a higher level.

2-0 to palace


I’m going to this later and I’m really looking forward to it


Who do we think will be bottom of the PL at the end of the weekend?

I can see Newcastle either being beaten by four or goallessly drawing.


Wham probably


Huddersfield aren’t playing Burnley


Footballs back. Can’t wait (until the 5pm disappointment when all my enthusiasm has gone).


Enjoy your day at the nation’s most pleasant football stadium, mate


Big fan of santi, he’s had a rough time these past few years. Messing with (presumably) dark magic here


Just one of cugat’s oxygen chambers, that


Anyone done any football bets?

Ive got a quid accy on.

Spurs to win at Newcastle
Brighton to win at Watford
Bournemouth to beat Cardiff
Fulham and Palace to draw
Wolves and Everton to draw



Top of the league and we’re ‘avin’ a laff!


Should be a lovely day for it. I’ve not been to Craven Cottage since a preason friendly when I was 10.

Which is s rare anomaly considering how many grounds I’ve been to.


I hope all of your teams win.

Edit: this post applies to today only. I hope everybody on Sunday loses.


Literally impossible ant. Pull your head out of your arse


Want to eat some football