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But I feel like I’ve seen fouls given before when someone’s dived in front of another player and taken them out? I assume it wasn’t intended that the other player get knocked down - especially as I’d have thought it could end up with an injury to either player - but I didn’t think intent mattered? Or is that just handballs?


He wins the ball cleanly before making contact with the other player


Wayne’s still got it!!


He looks completely spent. By the time he hits the ball it’s a now or never situation


It’s the 96th minute and he’s just sprinted halfway back down the pitch to be fair to ol’ shreddie head


Pep’s response to Ian Abraham when asked how easy is it to manage City, was quite amusing.


is full of woe?


The worst thing about it is the fucking font and switching between upper and lower case like it’s a myspace header. xxx*~ThIs MeAnS mOrE`*xxx I HATE ITTTTT


I think this seems a little harsh.

I was surprised to see him start, but I think it’s largely due to the fact he’s had a full pre-season in comparison to someone like Torreira. He didn’t seem nervous, but I think maybe a bit overawed by the occasion hence quite a few mistakes. He’s 19 though and was playing in Ligue 2 last season so all things considered I thought he had a good game. I think it says a lot that Xhaka looked considerably worse and was hooked off pretty promptly.

Cech was obviously very bad, and as much as I like it when he continually validates my opinions on him I felt a little sorry for him yesterday. The role of a goalkeeper has changed significantly over the last few years and it feels like he is one of the last of the old breed. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to have to completely change your game and ‘learn’ to play with your feet in your 30s at such a top level. He’s still a decent keeper, but I think more apparent than his declining ability is the fact that the game is leaving him behind a bit…


Really hard to see this fucking slipping from here


Fair enough. Would’ve been easy to hide and tbf he didn’t. I just don’t think anything he tried in possession really came off, and he was lucky his mistake didnt lead to a city goal.

Glib obviously but from what I heard about him in pre-season I was expecting something a bit more refined. Very difficult at this level but he just doesn’t look ready yet, for me


Interesting point about goalkeepers.

I remember when they scrapped the pass back rule, which meant that suddenly keepers had to be able to kick a ball away under pressure because they couldn’t just pick it up. Ed De Hoey at Chelsea and Shay Given both had real difficulty with this.




Reading that Valencia vs Barca article I did expect a bit more guile from Emery’s selection yesterday tbh. I feel he was trying something by playing Ramsey really far forward and leaving Lacazette on the bench, but whatever it was it didn’t work.

Bellerin’s got to be one of the most disappointing players in recent history. I remember when he was first coming through, the talk was of a potential all-time great fullback. He got murdered by Mendy and Sterling, didn’t look like they belonged on the same pitch. Usual glib comment to make, but you do wonder what might have been if we’d bought him three or four years ago and Pep had gotten time with him (converted into a centre back then packed off to Sevilla is the answer.)


Interesting thing now is if Bellerin and others can be turned into good players or if all they’ve been Wengered to the point of no return. Oxlade-Chamberlain should provide some hope


Yeah, agree with all of this. I couldn’t really work out what Emery’s plan was. It wasn’t explicitly obvious at all.

More than any other player in the team it feels like he plateaued under Wenger, and as such will hopefully feel the benefit of someone like Emery the most. Bellerin has done a few interviews recently that talks about the changes in management which has been interesting. I do think he owes a lot of debt to Wenger for what he has brought to his game (he had never played right back until he came to Arsenal), but it was painfully obvious that a ceiling had perhaps been reached for him last season.


Really impressive how fit and strong Walker, Stones and Sterling all looked after a couple of days of training and under 3 weeks of off-season. Such bloody hard working honest lads


If only Saunderson, Tim Craney and the rest of the Neutral Lads had their level of honesty and commitment. :frowning:



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