Main Weekly Football Thread - THE COUNTDOWN

going to really enjoy watching eric bailly play football this next couple of weeks before he get’s injured again

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Surprised it’s that high tbh.

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Maybe atom and Humber will eat him and we can cash in the insurance


He’s like some nervous teenager going up to get an award at school assembly, bless him.

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A nervous teenager who was banned from all takeaway shops in Southampton

Oh. Not as innocent as he looks, then (I’ve never been to Southampton, but that sounds like an awful lot of takeaways).

Very bored of football already. Give it a break ffs

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Man Utd discussion line. No discussion after this line.

what happened to the fucking line

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Up here^^^


Quite looking forward to Wolves v Everton tomorrow. Both have made some interesting and ambitious signings, and Wolves looked very good in the Championship last season, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.


The Leeds v Derby game could be good too.

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We are gonna look really good in a few weeks. Maddison and Pereira were lively and comfortable, Gray and Chilwell look more dangerous (even if neither is close to the finished article), and once Morgan and Amartey are out of the side our defence should be quite solid.

Disappointed to lose but the positives are clear, and nobody expected anything anyway. vs Wolves next will be a very interesting game.


This week I’m mainly excited about:

Watford vs. Brighton
Arsenal vs. City
Burnley vs. Istanbul Basaksehir

First non-Wenger Arsenal outing since I was 7 and I can’t remember them from before that. Think they’ve come full circle and got a strong squad at the moment so it will be interesting to watch (plus a couple of mad results in pre-season). Feel like the new manager might get to enjoy the fruits of Arsene’s labours a bit based off players he signed and players he developed playing well together (arsene :cry:)

Would really enjoy an opening day City loss anyway just to start things off lively.

Couldn’t get in the team because of hayden mullins

Doesn’t even work