Main Weekly Football Thread - THE COUNTDOWN


Sergio Rico (Sevilla) to Fulham DONE


Can’t believe Barca have got 30mio for Mina


Tom Cairney Fulham to Norwich


Two more for Fulham?

André Zambo Anguissa from Marseille for £27million
Fosu-Mensah on loan.


Not done yet, allegedly.


Maybe all of the other clubs in Europe will buy everyone in England now and they’ll have to cancel the league for a season. It’ll be like a Glastonbury fallow year.


Think theyve had a fairly decent window tbh.


I was cycling through Belgium yesterday and had All Star by Smash Mouth in my head then started thinking about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer then came up with a song about OGS to the tune of AS which was pretty good and then I got to the last line and there was a bit about only shooting stars (super subs?) coming from Molde and it kept me reasonably entertained.


After our best window ever in theory (the Di Maria, Falcao, Shaw etc. one) in many ways turned out to be our worst, I’m wary about getting too hyped about buying a load of new shiny players for the sake of it.

That said, I wish that Jose hadn’t spent two months telling the world he couldn’t win with this squad and that half of the players wouldn’t be here for the start of the season and now they all are. Needlessly shooting himself in the foot, but that’s our Jose


did enjoy him lambasting the press earlier today for being too negative about utd’s chances. obvs he’s a big ol cunner but some of his trolling is quite funny


Feels weird for Chelsea to have a player loaned to them.


You talkin bout


totally forgot that pato a) signed on loan for chelsea b) existed


Can’t wait for Winks and Sissoko in centre mid


What with Chelsea resorting to loaning players and City not really participating this time round if feels like the oilballers have become the very ballers they were trying to oil.


West Ham signing Sanchez is very very funny


I wish a club would take a great bet by taking me.


West Ham’s only transfer of the window that I’ve been disappointed/bemused by so will let it slide. We have endured far worse windows. Also, it’s not very very funny. Maybe a wry smile.


it s very funny from someone who had to endure him play regularly. he is shit