Main Weekly Football Thread - THE COUNTDOWN


This is what the Guardian are predicting. That midfield :sweat_smile:



that’s hilarious. Can’t wait to stuff them.


Fred is gonna be such a flop


Still know ridiculously little about him or what he does. Could be brilliant


Take Mata out and put smalling in and that’ll be the team 5–3-2


Saw Shakhtar versus City last season and thought their midfield was absolutely mint, was certain we’d avail ourselves of one of their Brazilians come Jan/July. Fred was good but not the stand-out that night.


Mental how many players not at the World Cup have managed to get inured




It’s almost as if we’ve got an awfully injury prone squad


Whilst Danny Ings is initially a loan, Southampton are committed to a £20m perm deal next summer. Plus Liverpool get 20% of any future sell on. I’m glad we gave that a miss.


Bernard was the real old bloke to sign


Cracking reveal for Santi Cazorla


Not the most, just the most costly…


Rumours he was round Burnley way today but apparently he was just up here doing some kids’ summer soccer school


Great result for us. Horrendous game, backs-to-the-wall stuff, and Istanbul Basaksehir had about 12 fans, all of whom were 12. But can’t wait for next week, 20 years ago we were losing 4-1 at home to Bury.

Zenit and Feyenoord both got stuffed 4-0!




Ok seems strange that he’d be up there two days before the season starts.


In other Europa League news, I went to see The New Saints v FC Midjtlland this evening. Actually pretty entertaining game for a fiver. The Danish champions won as you might expect, but TNS have them a good go. Should’ve scored in the first half, really.


Interesting details here


I didn’t really pick up any details there? Most of that could’ve been lifted from a utd forum tbh. In reality I don’t think the board know enough about football to veto Jose’s signings, as logical as the idea that we don’t want to spunk 50mio+ on 30 year olds is