Main Weekly Football Thread - THE COUNTDOWN


this’ll be sourced rather than the lunatic ITKs of republik of mancunia, like.


This will be an exceptional signing.


My United mates are definitely of the opinion there’s a power struggle going on between Mourinho and Woodward, with the latter trying to stamp his authority on the club by keeping spending pared back this window. Might be going a bit far down the formations hole like, but it does seem as if the powers that be have come down firmly on Fax Machine Eddie’s side, which means you’d give it four months tops before Mourinho goes.



Anyone been to serie a games before?

Going to Naples when the AC game is, am I ridiculous for thinking I might be able to get tickets?


I’ve just ordered pizza at 1:15am, it’s going to be terrible right?


Not sure why this in the football thread but erm. FOOTBALL!


was wondering if this was something people would get involved in?

  • probably not
  • probably

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and if so if anyone had any ideas to make it better.


only been to one at the san siro so might be different for napoli (although I don’t think it is, judging by their average attendance) but I was able to get tickets at the box office on the day of the game


Woodward was talking to the press after Jose’s press conference and said all that stuff off the record


Good job he didn’t say it on the record or everyone would’ve heard about it.


Somoeone might have written an article about it


They write the article but don’t attribute the quotes to Woodward.


This is what the papers are reporting on today


Power struggle between Mourinho and Marilyn Monroe at Old Trafford, according to reports


0 days into the season and I find my new-found air of optimism is being tested



So, United fans…who would you like as new manager?


how much compensation will they need to pay Wales?


For obvious reasons, Rafa isn’t really an option for a Chelseaesque stop gap

Was hoping everyone could keep up the facade that we weren’t gonna bin off Mourinho at the end of the season anyway, but it seems to be slipping fast


I understand the reasons

but Rafa is the only manager with pedigree for whom the Woodward transfer policy would be an actual improvement on current conditions

but yeah, Mou is gone by Christmas for sure unless there’s a January war chest (unlikely)