Main Weekly Football Thread - THE COUNTDOWN


Like Woodward’s saying, we’ll happily spend big, on established world class players and marketable stars. We won’t invest it Mourinho players because we don’t think he’ll hang around and are already preparing for life without him


£12m to pay off mourinho. Fuck knows why people think poch is the answer but the powers that be at Utd like him


Poch it is then


Wish they’d had The Final Countodwn playing


Yeah, Poch is a manager whose strength is in developing young players …which seems in total opposition to the big & marketable marquee signings approach

Better off with two years of Ancelotti or …Zidane?


Actually really up for some non-Utd chat lads. Really interested to see how Fulham and Wolves are going to look this season, especially the former.


Everton will finish 5th - ahead of Arsenal & Chelsea


my girlfriend is a wolves fan,so will be interesting to see them. maybe take a month or so to get going with all the new faces though :confused:

I guess with the investment both teams will want mid table at least, which puts other teams under pressure… your brightons, huddersfields, Bournemouth, Watford… etc

Cardiff are off straight back down aren’t they?


they seem to have strengthened in the right places… but who is going to score all the goals for them?


Looks like it - not heard any rumblings from them whatsoever. Think the ones you’ve mentioned and possibly Newcastle will be the bottom six.

Debating putting Cairney in my fantasy football team but no idea how Fulham’ll set up.


Cardiff are completely doomed, one of Huddersfield and Brighton will join them I think and then I reckon a seemingly established Burnley/Bournemouth/Palace/Watford could go as well


Really worried Cardiff will inexplicably end up being the new Stoke, stinking the league out with shithousery


When you consider Warnock manages them its not too inexplicable


Feel a bit sad that a few of our really important players from last season will be benchwarming this year, but we needed squad depth and we’ve managed to get it along with quality. Our midfield and strikeforce are better and deeper than last season. Only big worry is how uncertain the back 5 is. Would imagine our line up will be something like:

Bettinelli? Fabri?(we now have 3 keepers, none seem to be outright number 1, so guess he’ll either go with last season’s or the most expensive to start)

Odoi - Ream - Chambers - Bryan when Mawson’s fit he’ll come in to CB, maybe chambers out to right back with Odoi as general cover.

McDonald-Cairney-Seri Zambo will eventually come in for McDonald probably, but doubt he’ll be put straight in

Schurrle-Mitro-Sessegnon Could score hatfuls, could be over the hill/championship level/too young

can handle a couple of injuries/suspensions now, where depth was our massive issue last year. Still lots relying on Mitro being good, fit and up for it all season. could get top half if he is, relegation battle but probs with enough quality to stay up if not.

prediction: 13th



Oh yeah, dire and snide football is a given with Warnock. Just think there’s a possibility that they’ll have the longevity of Stoke through playing like that


What is Ream like? A guaranteed starter?


They’ll either sack Warnock by November, appoint Allardyce and stay up or plummet with possibly a record-breakingly low points total (however will still beat United at home as is customary for the newly promoted sides)


Was our player of the season last year. Think with the amount of signings we’ve brought in he’ll definitely play at the start of the season to give some sense of continuity. If he’s exposed at this level he’ll be replaced obviously but he’ll get a chance. Also really good on the ball so quite important to how we try to play


Calvert-Lewin & Walcott


I’m not sure whether playing you on the opening day is good or not.
Whether it will be the newly promoted no fear approach of Hudderfield last year, or whether all your new signings we need time to bed in and you’ll be disorganised.