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Poch has had to develop young players. It doesn’t mean he can’t manage stars. Think he’d command a lot of respect from the likes of Pogba, Lukaku, Sanchez for the work he’s done already. For me, he’s had the perfect testing ground for a young manager and has come up trumps. The main question that hangs over him, really, is the fact that he hasn’t won any trophies yet

Happy to take a risk on a manager on the rise rather than one on the way down


Good lineup lad.


I think we’ll be alright. Good preason, everyones happy and weve made good signings. I reckon Bentekes going to come good too.

Nornally I’m a massive pessimist.

There, I’ve cursed it.


Folks, I’ve just looked at Manchester United’s squad and it turns out it’s pretty good already. Like, much better than almost any other team in the league they’re in. They didn’t need to buy any footballers at all, so I think we can all stop worrying about them now. Phew!



Yeah. He’s definitely got ’Next SAF’ potential


All this Poch talk is upsetting as inevitable as it is


Cheers, yeah looks like we’ll have to try for tickets when we’re out there


Does sort of feel like you’re preparing for life without him too. No new signings, tie all your big players down to long term contracts in case they get itchy feet or Poch tries to nick them in his next job

That said, as far as United go, could just as easily see Jose walk in November and us panic hire whoever is available


We’ll be the idiots who appoint Zidane and it will make me giddy as fuck for a fortnight or so


Mate I would love that, but I’m convinced he has two more jobs in football. Juve -> France -> Retire


Man U should be doing whatever they can to get him as it would be the best appointment they could make, therefore just gotta hope they decide to go for the glamour of Zidane or something stupid instead


Alex Scott in alongside Carragher and Souness for Super Sunday apparently. Good move IMO although the fact that Souness is still there is bad.


Hot take: I think Zidane might be a good manager





Lopetegui will be a disaster and Poch will take over at Madrid next summer


Have Madrid bought anyone apart from courtois?


Why do you think he’ll be a disaster?


Think he’ll be a disaster, but not necessarily through fault of his own. The post Ronaldo years were always set to be a bit tricky and they haven’t gone out of their way to ease the transition. They’re relying on Lopetegui getting young players playing at a level they haven’t before, really. Also think they needed a new striker and I’m not sure they’ve got enough goals in the side to compete for the title, particularly when Bale inevitably gets injured

Also could definitely see Madrid pipping us to Poch, aye


Obviously everyone now hopes Fulham and wolves get relegated, yeah? Binning off the players that got you to the prem is pretty immoral innit. Need to do it the organic way like Bmouth and hudds. Hope Cardiff do better than both of them (finish 18th)

  • In the bin
  • Hope they win

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