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Hope Wolves get relegated for some reason


is it okay to say i really like warnock


Take it to this thread The worst person that you find attractive


Following the impossible. Expected to bring through youth and simultaneously challenge for the league/Europe. Also weirdly not replacing important outfielders… Zidane two years ago had the strongest squad ever, but they’ve lost James/Morata/Kovacic/Ronaldo and not really brought anyone in. Some key figures are aging and they’re relying on an injury-prone Bale to emulate Ronaldo

Lopetegui’s not really shown an ability to manage at a club level and here he is managing at the biggest club in the world. The debacle of the World Cup means the knives will be out even sooner in the press, too.


I also think with the massive funds they’ve received in recent years without significant outlay… and not doing it now, already undermines Lopetegui. The money’s there but they’re not really backing him. Makes it hard not to think he’s a stop-gap for who they really want, who will eventually be backed with galacticos


Agree with what you said, but if it’s Galacticos they want, there’s no need to wait. No manager is going to come in and say “oh sorry lads, I didn’t want Mbappe”. Pretty sure they just couldn’t get players at that level and couldn’t get upgrades on what they have without massive outlays, same as United and a bunch of clubs this summer


Does this summer prove we have at last reached a limit on what clubs are willing to spend on players?

  • Yes. PSG did finally ruin football for good
  • Of course not

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Think there is currently a dearth of gettable galacticos. The few mega players are already at mega clubs. Real may well make a low ball bid for Hazard, but he would only be a good signing rather than a season defining one.


Without wanting to get too carried away, I reckon Wolves will be somewhere near the top half. For once, I’m confident in our ability to defend and we’ve got players with the ability to create and take chances - neither of which we had last time we were in the Prem. Used to get endlessly frustrated when the opposition would have a player who could create something from nothing, or tonk one in from 25 yards, meanwhile we apparently had to rely on Jody Craddock scoring from corners. We have those sorts of players now though.


people read a bit too much into new signings don’t they
i predict 80% of them will turn out to be bad, and Spurs will win the champions league


It was a World Cup year with no surprise performances on an individual level so yeah, to be expected really


Harry Kane is at Tottenham Hotspurs


Best signing of the summer.


I can think of a few other tinpot clubs that have been pointlessly rattling around the top flight for too long, tbh.


hope Wolves (and Fulham) do alright this season, genuinely interesting squads and playing styles.


Wolves have given their keeper the number 11 shirt so they’re now the team I most want to go down


Oh fucking hell. I hate that shit.

Striker wearing number 5? Get in the fucking sea.


Could never understand why Gerrard wore #4 for England

What was the thinking behind that ?


Lopetgui out by xmas
Pochettino frustrated by slow start at new stdium
Benitez appointed by levy in January.


#4 is the optimum number for a defensive CM, Gerrard didn’t have the positional discipline for the shirt, the number itself was not a problematic one to allocate.