Main Weekly Football Thread - THE COUNTDOWN


Fours a midfielders number and 8 was gerrards





Obviously 4 is holding & 8 is attacking & 10 plays deeper than 9



Show your working


Post can’t be empty



Think it may have been a mishearing and it was Andy Townsend. Or Devin Townsend, whose entire fanbase seems to be my age and live in Clitheroe


I see

Gerrard was 8 at pool & 4 for England



Steve bruce should’ve been 5 at united and keane 4 instead of 4 and 16. Still annoys me

Weirdly alright with Cantona/Robson/Ronaldo in 7 though.


Lindelof and Bailly as 2 and 3 does my fucking head in.

Rojo has just taken the 16 meaning we don’t have a 5 and our 6 is the player who should be our 10

We’re a shambles from top to bottom


There is logic behind it - they’ve ‘retired’ number 1 cos of Ikeme. So the keepers are 11, 21 and 31. Still not having 11 for a keeper though.


Hmm, makes a bit more sense. In lieu of the 1 shirt a GK should wear 13 though.


Just read about that now. Countdown to Ant feeling bad at his post 5.4.3…


United fans will find fucking anything and everything to talk about

Am I doing this right?


I enjoy talking about football here in the football threads with my online friends


Should’ve waited for a bit longer after i posted a picture of Souness(spit)


I’ll not entertain a bad word said about our Graham


7 is basically a floating number, able to be worn by any of the creative players


And long may that continue. The season is long and hard (hur hur) and a weary traveller should find appropriate sustenance to make it through this confused metaphor


I know it’s wrong and shameful and gross but… I quite like souey. obvs he’s a mentalist and gets a bit too caught up in certain #narratives, but overall I think he’s a decent pundit


Gotta hand it to Cugat, he sure knows his way around a series of complex compounds