Main Weekly Football Thread - THE COUNTDOWN


Just hiding in plain sight now


Utd team isn’t as dreadful as expected bar the right side. Good to see Pogba made captain too.



The world would be a nicer place.




Can’t see past United for the title now


Gonna miss VAR


goal disallowed for that run up


Always the ref’s favourites Man U




Happy Barclays Day


Penalty to United within the first 2 mins of the first game of the season?

Yes, football is back


Who are you picking for the league then

  • Refs
  • Cugat
  • Plucky, brave scouse underdogs

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Is Carragher back?


interesting fact: alexis sanchez has given the ball away more than any player in the league so far this season


Fees weird for Sky to be mentioning the World Cup so much.


Think United may have scored too early here. Can see Leicester getting an equaliser before half time followed by an inevitable Harry Maguire winner in the 90th minute.


Can’t tell if Leicester look decent or Man U are terrible


Good of the ref to throw one in for United after three minutes. Might have been a decent game otherwise.


Yeah Madison looks good in particular