Main Weekly Football Thread - THE COUNTDOWN


Yeah. Gutted West Ham didn’t go for him after being interested in Jan. Add him to the recent list with Maguire and Robertson of players we apparently didn’t deem good enough smh. Gonna be keeping my eye on Dendocker for the same reason.


In the first half dion Dublin has described them as playing the man United way, and backed them for the title. Bloody love listening to a game while following a thread


+s - Pereira looking like he did in pre-season and Lindelof looking suspiciously competent
-s - The right side of the pitch and Sanchez looking awful after a decent pre-season


:smiley: love that this homes under the hammer presenter thinks he knows football


And musical innovator


I think Bailly has been/is great …but I’d worry about how often he’s just inches away from a card with some of those tackles if he was my player


Leicester doing the love train!


Mildly enjoyable patter




Like Daniel Amartey. Just something about him I find enjoyable, maybe his massive head. The Ghanaian Harry Maguire if you will


Sanchez looks very Torres-at-Chelsea


If Luke Shaw actually ran after the ball, maybe his managers wouldn’t shout at him.




Finished that well though


The speed of the trap and turn by Mata (and subsequent lofted ball) was delish.


bit of a weird goal but still, really pleased for him


Shaw’s shanked redemption

(didn’t see it)


Always pleasing when a player is gaslighted into scoring a blooter.


How long have you had that one lined up for?


Long enough that I had to post it without any idea what the goal was like