Main Weekly Football Thread - THE COUNTDOWN


really wish he had shanked it now so I could like this. but he didn’t, so to do so would be dishonest


Three years in the making and I’ve blown it


That was odd


Keeper up, yes


A winning start for Manchester United in the EPL.


It’s freaky Friday
Alexis Sanchez in Wayne Rooneys body


By two goals to Leicester City’s measly one goal.


Seriously though it’s amazing how bad Sanchez was


It’s no surprise that the letters that make up cugat are the bases of dna/rna


Through the looking glass here lads


when I checked who scored at one point and he had a 68% pass accuracy, not seen that sort of stat since the tclevs rebellion


going to really enjoy watching eric bailly play football this next couple of weeks before he get’s injured again


Surprised it’s that high tbh.


awww, Shaw doesn’t have a poker face - can’t stop grinning when people compliment him. <3


Maybe atom and Humber will eat him and we can cash in the insurance


He’s like some nervous teenager going up to get an award at school assembly, bless him.


A nervous teenager who was banned from all takeaway shops in Southampton


Oh. Not as innocent as he looks, then (I’ve never been to Southampton, but that sounds like an awful lot of takeaways).


Very bored of football already. Give it a break ffs


Man Utd discussion line. No discussion after this line.


what happened to the fucking line