Major Events

Inspired by marckee’s treasonous post in the Princess Di thread.

What major events have you been completely oblivious to as a result of being on holiday or something?

I’ve got two. The Queen Mum died while I was skiing in France, and the whole Saville thing kicked off just after I went off for a three week holiday in South Africa.

Odd coming back to these things when they’re already old news.


That time he boffed Edwina Curry.


Not oblivious but as a kid when 9/11 happened i had no idea or awareness of just how big it was

More than once so I hear.

marckee boffed edwina?


Nipped to Snowdon with news filtering through of a bomb in Oslo, came back down and Amy Winehouse had died and that fucking prick had murdered loads of kids.

Good call. I too was aware of it, but I was in an all-day meeting when it happened. Everyone else in the office (we worked in aviation) was losing their shit all over the place, but we were going down the agenda right up to home time.

Scottish referendum. Was in the middle of the Spanish countryside for 4 days without internet so actually forgot the thing was happening.

I learnt about Prescott’s ‘two-jabs’ incident from an excited British crusty at a hostel in Mexico.


I did what?

I heard about that attack in Barcelona a few mins after it happened on dis, but then forgot and didn’t hear anything else about it until I just remembered when I opened this thread. Must google that.

I deliberately booked a holiday to Stockholm when it was Willy and Katy’s wedding. Managed to avoid the whole thing.

Not sure that’s what you’re after though.

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remember the night Winehouse died, me and my uni m9 drank a few bottles of wine each and shagged ‘in honour’ of her, promising we’d do the same thing every year.

was pretty weird, and never did it again ofc.


I think at this rate nothing short of the Tower will be good enough for you.

[I took the opportunity to paint my kitchen]

Travelled to T in the Park on 7/7. Didn’t see any news, so had no idea what had happened and spent the festival being confused by bands making references to London.

Not really in keeping with the OP, but I was at Glasto when MJ died. Thought it was all lies. Was surreal.

I came back from Canada to see wall-to-wall news about a young boy having his life support turn off only a few weeks back. I assume it was a long running story I just totally missed.

Where were you when Jacko died?

Smoking a bifta on the floor at my ex’s mum’s place in Hertfordshire.

I was living in Texas then, and they STILL fucking showed it on a raft of channels, the lying Republican scum.

I was in the overnight queue at WImbledon. I assumed it was one of those ‘Cliff Richard has died’ rumours that you get at music festivals.