Major Events

I was unaware of the 2004 tsunami for several days, which given the scale of the loss of life seems incredible now.

Probably a combination of being pre-smartphone and broadband, plus it occurring between Christmas and New Year, a period that I tended to spend pretty much hibernating the whole time. Was absolutely horrifying when I found out after the fact what had happened.

I found out he’d died by seeing a man wearing an “I was at Glastonbury 2009 when Jacko died” t-shirt. Completely weird.

really want to be on holiday when Cliff Richard dies. Or failing that the Wimbledon queue.



in a pub in Aberdeen playing darts.

The Wimbledon queue will never die!

Don’t think there’s a darker moment in British history than Cliff doing that at Wimbledon.


I was driving back from Devon listening to CDs (probably Original Pirate Material or something) and had no idea it was all going off in NY until I got home at about 5pm

he should be on the £5 bank note

I was on holiday in The Dominican Republic when the Pizzagate match between Man U and Arsenal happened. By the time I got home the dust was settled so when it was mentioned a few months later I hadn’t a clue what it was all about


Mmmbop getting to number one in the UK.


This is great. I was just thinking about this subset: events that are significant enough to be remembered, but insignificant enough for you to completely miss them with just a few days away.


Findus horse burger gate
Tulisa selling coke
Rooney and the grannies

i woke up to like ten different text message jokes before i had heard anything about it

I was like that but with Rio Ferdinand moving to Man Utd from Leeds and in Portugal instead

Quite like how the media just tells us immediately what counts as history and what doesn’t, as it happens, whether we’re just taking a hike in the country or whatever. I say like, I mean I have no idea what reality is.

Yesterday I had to buy some toilet cleaner

And you know what Ant if Sky News kept going on about it all day, it’d be a major event