Major Events


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The definition of major is at poster’s discretion. If you want to tell us you went for a day trip to Bognor and then arrived home to discover your neighbour had bought a new cactus then it’s your right, perhaps your duty, to do so.

Not sure if this is what you’re after, but I still haven’t heard Hello by Adele

think we just fancied a shag tbh.

I was at a funeral when that bloke landed a plane on the Hudson. I was oblivious to the extent I thought the premise to the film, Sully, sounded fucking stupid when I first heard about it.

Paula Radcliffe doing a poo.


It was a Sunday. There wasn’t anything on the telly anyway.

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The 2000 fuel strikes when everyone was queuing for petrol

The very nature of media (and newspapers in particular) means that, if you were to be out of the country and far enough away to not have press or UK TV news, it would be fairly easy to miss a ‘big’ story.

Hollyoaks Omnibus ffs!

Costa Rica, in a tiny village with no internet. Assumed it had been made up, Kel from Keenan and Kel style.

Colonel Occasion

Rear Admiral Happenings

General Occurrence.

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Lieutenant Episode

Wing Commander Stuff-going-on-TONIGHT!

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Obergruppenführer Experience


I was on holiday in Sardinia when Lehman Brothers collapsed, and even though it was a massive moment that triggered all sorts that have impacted my working life, I keep forgetting about it.

i had the flu super bad on 9/11. tbh i didn’t even really know what the twin towers were, and the whole day is hazy as fuck cos i was drifting in and out. my dad had the day off too, and he watched it all happen live with a cup of tea and a packet of ginger biscuits. i vaguely remember my dad going, “bloody hell, they’ve only crashed another plane haven’t they! fucking die hard, isn’t it!”

then the dog knocked his tea over trying to steal a biscuit and my dad actually said, “tragic day all round, is this.” which still makes me laugh tbh.

i woke up properly in time for the collapses, which i remember guiltily thinking looked amazing (still feel really guilty about this).


Here’s a conversation at work from a while ago. D was the call centre director so fairly senior, and never made any jokes at all/engaged in office banter, just got on with his job. He is also a UK garage DJ so well into his music. J and I are both women in their 20’s.

Wiggy: alright J
J: alright, you know Zayn’s left One Direction, right
W: oh, right
J: I was standing here booking some shifts when D leans over and said, in the most deadly serious way, “are you two gonna be alright?”
W: …
J: and then he followed that up by saying, still straight faced, “Zayn’s left One Direction”
W: hahahahahaha oh shit, fuck sakes
J: what
W: D telling you like that is genuinely funny, but it means that I’ll remember it. Meaning that I’ll always remember the day Zayn left One Direction even tho I don’t actually give a shit.

I still find it surreal that D even noticed that Zayn had left One Direction, never mind that he actually felt like discussing it

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