Make a Best Of for your favourite band

(have we done this already?)

“the label” has asked you to curate a Best Of for your favourite band to introduce to new listeners, with a few limitations:

  • max. 60 mins or 12 tracks long
  • studio recordings only (no live/b-sides/remix album cuts)

Post your tracklistings and/or playlists below if you can!


This is 100% impossible for a Smashing Pumpkins fan, but I’ll try and probably lose three years of my life trying.


if it makes you feel better, my favourite band’s best album isn’t on spotify. completely done myself there


Just going to fine tune (and sequence…it’s all in album order) my John Grant/Czars playlist :slight_smile:

is there an easy way to tell how long a playlist is on spotify? doesn’t seem to display it automatically

durr i found it

Haha oh man. But my favourite band is Radiohead and everyone has done that. Can I do my second or third favourite instead?

Just want to make sure - is it 12 tracks that together are no longer than 60 minutes?

yep, the limit is 12 tracks or 60 minutes. whichever you hit first :wink:

just here to say this is a fun idea!


30 songs, 2 hours 39 minutes in total.

Spanning the alt-country/slowcore of The Czars to the many shades of his solo work (chamber pop, 70s soft rock, synth pop and squelchy disco).

Oh there’s a limit?

Sod that shit

:roll_eyes: well done


ok here’s my Kayo Dot playlist:

9 songs, 57 mins

RIYL classical-post-metal-crooning-jazz-ballads

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Okay sorry, I’ve adapted although it was really hard

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any grumpy middle aged man music for me here?

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See above (we’re not talking Kozelek levels of grumpy…but John has faced bucketloads of prejudice in his life and has spent his solo albums dealing out mountains of spiteful revenge). The second song is actually about a mid-life crisis.

i’m sure there’s a few people that could use an intro to kozelek if you feel like making one. jury’s still out on the guy for me.

1 minute over. Fuck it…this was hard


good tracklist though!

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