Make a Best Of for your favourite band


Up In It isn’t on Spotify :unamused:


I also really, really like their version of Band of Gold on Uptown Avondale but I’m not sure if Eric has banned EP tracks.


Someone else said they didn’t see The Moon and Antarctica on there, but I’m getting both that and Up In It for some reason. Maybe it’s a geographic thing?


You could be right. Are you in the US?


Yeah, I have a feeling that might be it.


I cut Taundra from mine due to length and really wanting to keep on Spitting Venom. Also I didn’t get the option of M&A in my territory :frowning:


Yeah no one has distribution rights for M&A in the UK apart from on Vinyl. You cant buy it on CD here anymore either.


That seems bonkers


Oh it appears to be available again, that would have been a very recent development as that deffo wasn’t the case last summer.


Clicked on this to make sure you had The Dream - nice :smiley:


Love Camus and No Future I, but might be biased cause i listened to the first 2 albums a lot more than the more recent ones. They have such a ridiculous back catalogue for such a relatively young band.


lovely little inswinger from Mistersteve for you to nod home there :smiley:


I like that song, underrated imo.


So much more I wanted to put on it


Here’s one for Billy Bragg…

Between The Wars
A Lover Sings
The Saturday Boy
St Swithin’s Day
A New England
Accident Waiting To Happen
Tank Park Salute
Levi Stubbs’ Tears
Greetings To The New Brunette
The Only One
Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards


Well, I dunno how I managed it, but I followed my gut and picked what seemed like the essential Unwound songs, and lo and behold I hit 12 Tracks at exactly 60 minutes AND feature all the good albums at least once at first ask! I must be really, really sad!

  1. Message Received
  2. Corpse Pose
  3. Demolished
  4. Natural Disasters
  5. Envelope
  6. Kantina / Were, Are and Was Or Is
  7. Honourosis
  8. Lady Elect
  9. Lifetime Achievement Award
  10. Terminus
  11. Arboretum
  12. Scarlette

I was very tempted to just do the middle section of Leaves Turn Inside You and just pick some songs around it but I’m glad I got a good mix here. Please note the second half is really really sad.


Impressive attention to youtube linking there! Kudos!


Gonna jam this tomorrow. Good tracklist, man.


thank you man!