Make a Best Of for your favourite band


:open_mouth: No Big Riff


one thing, because Spotify insists in splitting up Valentine Card / Kantina etc I plumped for a Peel Session where it was all in one track (well actually, no Valentine Card) SO can I:

  1. Keep the Peel session at “12 tracks”, OR
  2. Put the studio version in where it will say it’s more than 12 tracks but it’s not really it’s just Spotify being shit

Looking forward to your response x


ach, tough call that. i think i’d rather no. 2 but that would completely undermine “the rules” and all hell would break loose.


It’s annoying though because it is listed as one track literally everywhere else… but I guess there is a gap between valentine card and kantina? I don’t fucking know.

For what it’s worth, the Peel version is VERY good and isn’t that different from the studio version really


i can’t answer the question without completely obliterating my own thread. sorry pal, it’s your call!


well either way it’s fucked, and really, what an ending it was

rolls credits


I think if I could go back to any time it would probably be at some northwest show with Modest Mouse and Unwound in this era


not spent a huge amount of time there but it seems to me that olympia hasn’t changed much. i doubt anyone will give a fuck about a band from that part of the world as much anytime soon but it’s still basically the same there. if you wanna live that life it still exists between oly/seattle/portland :smiley:


How on earth are you the first person to spot that typo! :smiley:


the whole thing is of course excellent!


Empty Nest

Odd inclusion. But I guess it’s your list.

Also you’ve got 5 selections of post-Smother stuff, which seems unnecessary. I’ll stop pulling apart your list now.


It’s their best song COME AT ME


Those bands don’t tho


Can’t really argue with such a subjective statement but, at the very least, The Devil’s Crayon, Hooting and Howling, This is Our Lot, Bed of Nails, End Come Too Soon, Wanderlust, A Simple Beautiful Truth and Dreamliner are all better




The best Wild Beasts song

  • The Empty Nest
  • Something Else
  • Can’t Stand 'Em

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Hole in the Earth tho


This poll is a bit sad (still voted in it)

  • This poll is a bit sad
  • Still voted in it
  • The Fun Powder Plot

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  1. I’d Like To Know
  2. Caught By The Fuzz
  3. Mansize Rooster
  4. Richard III
  5. Sun Hits The Sky
  6. Going Out
  7. Hollow Little Reign
  8. Eon
  9. Rush Hour Soul
  10. Can’t Get Up
  11. Grace
  12. St. Petersburg

Kept it chronological. Think it works. Don’t #Alright me.