Make a Best Of for your favourite band


12 tracks, 56 mins.
Chronological and with every LP covered. Essentially one from each record, so really hard to edit down.

Over the Ocean
Will the Night
In Metal
(That’s How You Sing) Amazing Grace
Point of Disgust
Violent Past
Nothing But Heart
To Our Knees
No Comprende


I tried to do one for Low, but couldn’t narrow it down. Brave, but it’s a nice list


Realistically there are about twenty other tracks that could have easily been on the list, if not more.
I truly love this band.


Hands up who wants to rock?

There are countless songs that deserve to be on here but aren’t. No b-sides or EP tracks made it a lot easier tbh. I’ve not included anything post Robot Hive because as it decent as it is none of it stacks up to prime Clutch, does it? You don’t need to answer that. You know I’m right.




Here’s mine

The Blood Brothers
12 tracks, 39 mins

  1. Set Fire to the Face on Fire
  2. Fucking’s Greatest Hits
  3. Birth Skin/Death Leather
  4. Marooned On Piano Island
  5. Cecilia and the Silhouette Saloon
  6. Trash Flavored Trash
  7. Every Breath Is A Bomb
  8. Siamese Gun
  9. You’re the Dream Unicorn!
  10. Rats and Rats and Rats for Candy
  11. The Salesman, Denver Max
  12. Peacock Skeleton With Crooked Feathers


About half of those i couldve put in mine too!


Could quite easily make it a double album myself


Superb playlist. Only ever given Fake Train, Repetition and LTIY a cursory listen. Time to rectify that I think


Although they’re maybe the three “most essential” records because they mark highlights in different stages in their career, the albums in-between are almost more than worth your time


here’s some secondary reading (that I gone wrote) if you like


This has been bugging me since I heard of the band. Is it pronounced Unwo-u-nd (wo-o-nd) or Unwo-u-nd (wo-w-nd)? I think I found out at one point but I’ve forgot


the latter, becuase the former isn’t a thing.


That’s what I thought… also if I’d just read further into your article I wouldn’t have had to ask

“Strangely, the name Unwound would become more relevant with every passing year; all their music has an inherent tension to it…”


Yeah winding up, it’s ironic yeah?


here’s a mars volta one

7 tracks, 1hr

one song per album and one non-album single, in chronological order bar one track. quite chuffed with this one, blasting it right now


Very much personal preference here I know. I had to take out 6 tracks that seemed essential, toughest yet.

All Is Full Of Love
Human Behaviour
Army Of Me
Possibly Maybe
Hidden Place


I deliberately avoided this thread up to now as I can do nothing about it during the day at work, but now I’ve gone and read it and all I can think about is what playlists I might knock up when I get home!

Planning on a Rocket From The Crypt one and modifying a Jesus Lizard one I did a few years ago that is currently 1h 5m and 20 tracks.

I may also have a stab at a NIN one as well.


I was going to attempt this today but was trying to figure out how to handle Cassandra Gemini taking up more than 50% of the the run time and 25% of the song count.


Yeah, aside from an early or MCIS-era Pumpkins show, that would be my number one choice too. I wonder if there’s anything equivalent taking place now and everyone will be talking about it 20 years later.