Make a Best Of for your favourite band


so stupid that it’s still divided up into all those tracks. that was my immediate thought too to end with it but decided against it!


Ok so I quickly knocked up a Jesus Lizard playlist on my phone. Not listened through so I may change the order later but anyway here you go, 12 tracks 40 mins.


Think the UK had quite an exciting scene about… shit 10 years ago!


Went and made a Silver Jews one didn’t I:

  1. How to Rent a Room
  2. Smith & Jones Forever
  3. Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed
  4. The Wild Kindness
  5. I Remember Me
  6. Animal Shapes
  7. Random Rules
  8. Horseleg Swastikas
  9. Tennessee
  10. Candy Jail
  11. Trains Across the Sea
  12. Pretty Eyes

Just an amazing band and I love all their albums, but I find it almost impossible to explain their appeal to people who aren’t into them. There’s just something intangible in their outlook, or approach to music-making I guess that’s super understated, but also funny and heartwarming, and weirdly profound.


Oooh, Nin, that’s a fun one.




cheers for this (& @Yesiamaduck) having a total Modest Mouse sesh now combining both of your playlists (Germany doesn’t get Moon & Antartica either it seems) as it can be fun to put some of their songs in difference contexts and see what comes out




Great first track :wink:


Also taking a shot at Built to Spill. I think this might be the hardest one so far and the most likely to change every few hours. The ones in bold are the only 100% locks. 11 songs, exactly an hour.

  • Revolution
  • Cleo
  • Twin Falls
  • Stab
  • Velvet Waltz
  • Kicked It in the Sun
  • Untrustable
  • Carry the Zero
  • Temporarily Blind
  • Pat
  • Things Fall Apart

Some thoughts:

  • Ultimate Alternative Wavers needed representation. “Get a Life” almost overtook “Revolution” for that spot given its Neil Young solo, but the latter was shorter and has arguably the greatest guitar riff not written by Billy Corgan or that isn’t “Whitewater” by Kyuss.
  • “Twin Falls” only made it due to its length. I exchanged one four minute song that I couldn’t decide on for it and the very overlooked “Pat”.
  • “Broken Chairs” was a casualty of its length, and “Made Up Dreams” got left off due to not wanting to include half of Perfect From Now On / not wanting to exclude UAW entirely.
  • The playlist might even be improved by exchanging “Twin Falls” + “Pat” + “Revolution” for “Broken Chairs” but whatever.


Rocket From The Crypt, 12 tracks 37 minutes.


First stab at a NIN playlist, 12 tracks 54 minutes;


They’re really so incredible and I don’t get why so many people turn their noses up at them. In a Corganless world (the horror) I’d be annoying everyone by making adjectives out of Isaac Brock’s name instead. He’s a genius. I can’t think of anyone who can better capture that feeling of pure claustrophobic, suffocating helplessness. Who else is writing songs like this?


well, he hasn’t for like 20 years but :wink:


I made a Jawbreaker playlist. I didn’t check how long it is, but it should be under an hour


oof no Accident Prone, or Fireman, OR KISS THE BOTTLE?!

Might have to have a go at this myself


ugh dammit, Dear You ins’t on Spotify here


Pretend Fireman is before Accident Prone… and it’s the studio version of Accident Prone


Fucking hell, that’s a legit, amazing Rocket playlist. Outsider is a massively underrated song off of Camp X-Ray as well.


Bloody love a bit of Clutch, me. I reckon I’d put something from Earth Rocker in there though.

Great to see a couple from Elephant Riders too.