Make a Best Of for your favourite band


Trying to do Death Cab for Cutie without just adding half of Transatlanticism is hard maaan. 12 songs, 52 mins:

  1. The New Year
  2. Company Calls
  3. Marching Bands of Manhattan
  4. Why You’d Want to Live Here
  5. Title and Registration
  6. Bixby Canyon Bridge
  7. 405
  8. Soul Meets Body
  9. A Movie Script Ending
  10. Underneath the Sycamore
  11. I Will Possess Your Heart
  12. A Lack of Colour


I think Kiss the Bottle is a single only release so I wasn’t sure if it would count. Fireman’s a good shout though


I think I might have a go at a Clutch one myself, loved them for many years. I’ve enjoyed the last couple of albums.


No one’s going to listen to this one, but here’s Lagwagon. (Maybe @mug.mug.mug?)

  1. Tragic Vision
  2. Lag Wagon
  3. Stokin’ The Neighbors
  4. Coffee and Cigarettes
  5. Island of Shame
  6. Violins
  7. Bombs Away
  8. Sick
  9. May 16
  10. Owen Meaney
  11. Never Stops
  12. E Dagger


Thanks man, but let’s be honest you could just stick a pin 12 times in a list of all their tracks and you’d come up with a storming playlist!


This is a bit short for GBV, should have added a few more songs!


Agreed, that’s because they’re the best band ever. How good were they back in December? Cracking stuff.


It’s kind of amazing I could make a best of for the fall which included none of your picks and it would still be fantastic


AH bollocks to the rules, old man Eric’s just trying to throw his weight about :wink:


ban request


Aye I rustled it up very quickly with what first came to mind as essential but I could easily make one 5 times as long


Here’s a Spotify playlist for my favourite Archers of Loaf tracks… 12 songs in 46 minutes (economic)

Archers of Loaf in 12 songs


Good list but no Lowest Part Is Free or You & Me? You mad bruv?


Love both songs - but 12 songs isn’t a lot… both were on the shortlist, but I cut them both to go for an even spread across the albums. Could swap Audiowhore for Lowest Part is Free!, but I wouldn’t be overly happy with that decision.

I often find that Best Ofs miss off one or two obvious choices… I’m also probably alone in thinking All the Nation’s Airports is their best, so wanted to make sure that was represented.


Lowest Part would be the first song on the list for me personally but I get your logic, I left off plenty of “better” songs from my lists just to make sure there’s a fair balance from most albums.

That said, Chumming the Ocean is also pretty essential to me.


Is anyone actually going to attempt Fugazi? Really hard task admittedly. Might try tomorrow


OOH really that’s your fav eh? Big call!


Yeah I’ve been thinking about it, tough not to just list the argument


I reckon one or two of their albums are probably going to have to be passed over to keep it to 12 tracks


Easy, Steady Diet and 13 songs don’t @ me