Make a Best Of for your favourite band


Pfft 13 songs is getting at least one from me



I’m So Tired
Waiting Room
Full Disclosure
Public Witness Program
Guildford Fall
Smallpox Champion
Rend It
Long Distance Runner

43 mins, come at me bros


If you can’t tell, I’m quite a Guy… err… guy


Can’t believe no one did The National yet (too boring I know hahaha). Feels weird having the 1st and 2nd album tracks mixed in given how far they evolved from there, but also they couldn’t really be the first two National songs you heard either right? Anyway, 48 minutes:

  1. Secret Meeting
  2. Mistaken for Strangers
  3. Terrible Love
  4. 90-Mile Water Wall
  5. Fake Empire
  6. Bloodbuzz Ohio
  7. Slow Show
  8. Carin at the Liquor Store
  9. Beautiful Head
  10. Mr November
  11. This is the Last Time
  12. The Geese of Beverly Road


If only there was somewhere we could wait while someone made this playlist… :thinking:


M8 it’s done


Oh The National is a good one actually, wouldn’t personally bother with the first two, but would have About Today probably. Mm


Well work it out properly eh

(Yeah I’ve usually tried to represent every album just out of completeness, most of these bands have EP songs that are better than stuff from at least one album)


I gave it a shot too, ended up with 52 mins:

  1. Lights Out for Darker Skies
  2. Carrion
  3. The Voice of Ivy Lee
  4. Waving Flags
  5. Mongk II
  6. Please Stand Up
  7. Machineries of Joy
  8. Something Wicked
  9. It Ended on an Oily Stage
  10. Heavy Water
  11. The Great Skua
  12. Remember Me


I couldn’t decide so I just decided to put half of boxer and half of alligator together


Oh God thus I’d another one I’m going to have to do my version of. Decent choices may I say


Going to go attempt Fugazi, Pixies and Smiths tomorrow if time permits if I don’t implode during the selection process


Nothing on my Fugazi? :cry:


Nobody will agree with this, but I had to have that 4 track run near the end of Doolittle because it’s the best ever.

Could have easily made a 40 track best of.

Cecilia Ann
Monkey Gone To Heaven
Trompe Le Monde
Letter To Memphis
Nimrod’s Son
Mr. Grieves
Crackity Jones
La La Love You
No. 13 Baby


I’ll have to give it the once over tomorrow… and then blow it out the water obvs :wink:


needs more Turtleneck obv


I Was A Kaleidoscope is their best song surely?!


Here’s mine - just two in common…

The Holiday Song
Levitate Me
I Bleed
Wave of Mutilation
Where Is My Mind?

Only 34 mins!


Haha, mine’s a clean half an hour.


Nice picks. I really can’t get into the latest album, listened to it a bunch of times too.