Make a Best Of for your favourite band


I might do a Breeders one next actually


jesus I forgot this too, really fucked this one up!


I would have included Baby We’ll Be Fine!


Never listened to Afghan Whigs before - I really enjoyed this. Kind of the point of the thread I guess.


the system works!


Glad you liked them! I took a random shot with them back in the days of CDNOW after hearing the name somewhere, and they haven’t left my top five since.


In all seriousness this is a great thread.


Trail of Dead

Will You Smile Again For Me
Another Morning Stoner
Totally Natural
Mark David Chapman
It Was There That I Saw You
Mistakes and Regrets
A Perfect Teenhood
Relative Ways
How Near, How Far
Richter Scale Madness

52 min. Anyone want to make a case for any of their recent ouput?


Ok here’s a proper National one:

  1. Terrible Love (proper version obvs)
  2. I Should Live in Salt
  3. Brainy
  4. Afraid of Everyone
  5. Sea of Love
  6. Lemonwold
  7. Guilty Party
  8. Apartment Story
  9. Start a War
  10. All The Wine
  11. About Today
  12. Mr. November

47 mins yo


I’d have had Fake Fake Eyes instead of Homage personally, but otherwise I think this is pretty much spot on


this was by far the hardest, The National have A LOT of great songs I had to leave out, but all fun and games innit


Two National attempts and no Pink Rabbits!


that’s because it’s shite and easily their most overrated song


I’m working on it, it’ll be in there! Also going to take a shot at Trail of the Dead, both seem like they might be two of the hardest. I’m a huge fan of Trail of the Dead’s later material, but I wonder how much I can fit in given ST&C could easily fill half of the playlist and there are at the very least 5 locks from Worlds Apart and Madonna.


Here’s my shot at Trail of the Dead. I got a little bit lucky by Lost Songs apparently not being on Spotify anymore. If it had been I might have actually given up, there’s a lot of great material on there. But here’s 12 songs, 59 minutes.

  • Totally Natural
  • Mark David Chapman
  • A Perfect Teenhood
  • Another Morning Stoner
  • Homage
  • Days of Being Wild
  • Source Tags and Codes
  • Will You Smile Again for Me
  • The Rest Will Follow
  • Caterwaul
  • Isis Unveiled
  • Bus Lines

Some thoughts:

  • Most frustrating omissions: “Relative Ways”, one or two of the really good ones on Century of Self, and “Sound of the Silk” off of IX. I’m wondering if I subconsciously let myself be influenced by popular opinion in leaving that last one off over “A Perfect Teenhood.” It’s fantastic and so overlooked.
  • I feel bad leaving off Tao of the Dead entirely. I really like it, but it doesn’t have that true standout song aside from Pt. 2


I also overlooked the S/T album, crap. It’s fairly new to me so nothing has reached the level of the others yet, but I just listened and it’s much, much better than I remembered it being when I first tried to get into it. “Prince with a Thousand Enemies” and “Fake Fake Eyes” stood out the most this time.


super furry animals

1 juxtaposed with u
2 ohio heat
3 run-away
4 presidential suite
5 frequency
6 sex, war and robots
7 pan ddaw’r wawr
8 slow life
9 ice hockey hair
10 baby ate my eight ball
11 the man don’t give a fuck
12 the undefeated

54 minutes, 53 seconds


Broken Social Scene just about did a perfect best-of set at EoTR 2016, so that with a couple of subs…

  1. KC Accidental
  2. 7/4 Shoreline
  3. Cause = Time
  4. Forced to Love
  5. Pacific Theme
  6. Almost Crimes
  7. Fire Eye’d Boy
  8. Anthems…
  9. Ibi Dreams of Pavement
  10. Major Label Debut
  11. Hug of Thunder
  12. Superconnected

Took out Texico Bitches & Meet Me In The Basement from that set, added Forced to Love, Superconnected & Hug of Thunder.


It’s the one that everyone’s been waiting for. a-ha!!! 12 tracks of pure gold and no Take On Me! Oh yeah!