Make a Best Of for your favourite band


12 tracks, 40 mins

  1. Facet Squared
  2. Waiting Room
  3. Full Disclosure
  4. Reclamation
  5. Sieve-Fisted Find
  6. Closed Captioned
  7. Smallpox Champion
  8. Bed for the Scraping
  9. Back to Base
  10. Epic Problem
  11. Give Me the Cure
  12. Ex-Spectator

I’ll make your playlist on Deezer and give it a whirl


You really like The Living Daylights, huh?


Best Bond theme, innit? But yeah, need to fix that. Whoops!


I thinks it’s a misstep and a weak song for a bond theme although not as bad as its predecessor.

Glad to see Manhattan Skyline in there though.


Bonus tracks

Bulldog Front
Life and Limb
Rend It
Margin Walker


A couple of tracks off Earth Rocker came close but I had to ditch too many prime-era classics as it is. Too many damn bangers.


Chromatics anyone? Not getting Dear Tommy anytime soon are we?

  1. Tick Of The Clock
  2. Lady
  3. Back from the Grave
  4. Running Up That Hill
  5. Night Drive
  6. I Want Your Love
  7. The Streets Will Never Look The Same
  8. Shadow
  9. Cherry
  10. At Your Door
  11. Kill For Love
  12. In The City


Think we’ll have to agree to disagree here (I also like A View To A Kill)


I’ve done something for Ryan Adams, bloody hard not picking my favourites and choosing the songs that i think a new listener could easily digest, so they can then get into the heavier stuff.

Very easy to listen to playlist, touching on the many sides he has, old and new.

i half expect someone else to make a counter one with a complete different tracklisting.

hope you enjoy.


Ha, yeah I don’t think we’re going to resolve this. I remember liking it at the time but I was 13. I made a 1987 playlist a few years ago and included The Living Dayights but always skip it when I listen to that playlist. I think it’s the verses that really annoy me, the chorus is alright,


I shall Spotify yours up in return!


I was thinking last night about how this joke doesn’t even make sense but it sounds so good that it’s a classic


Here you go, Ex-spectator is an interesting finale


Pretty solid this - think I’d swap out Doomsday for something like OMG, Whatever, etc. and would definitely swap Dear John for The Hardest Part, but on the whole this would be a great intro for anyone.


Deezer inexplicably does not have Scream, Dracula, Scream! FFS


listening to this now


I struggled to find an album closer out of those tracks so it was kind of by default


I’ve never listened to Unwound - gonna give this a go.


@jazzballet @TAFH33 no “There’s Nothing Wrong with Love”, “Perfect from Now On” or “Keep It Like a Secret” on Deezer :disappointed_relieved: Was really looking forward to combining both your playlists as well


yeah fair play to swaps…
i wanted newer stuff hence Doomsday.
I went with Dear John for more piano