Make a Best Of for your favourite band


really shows how good Prisoner (the song) is when there’s literally like 5 albums of stuff that aren’t even worth mentioning from the past 10 years but that would go straight into my Best Of


Excellent! I can never tell with you what you’ll like but obviously this cuz it’s awesome :wink:


that’s a bloody outrage, you should pen a stern letter of complaint! Can you not just listen for free on Spotify in the mean time?




Spotify doesn’t work at my work unfortunately (Deezer is fine though :thinking:)… it’s mental they don’t have it!


Ah shame. Yes it is a bit strange, it’s only their most well known album after all!


Tao of the Dead is really good! As someone else said it doesn’t have many standouts, but it works great when taken together as a whole.


Merci merci, I thought I’d really struggle leaving off so classic songs in place of newer ones, but every album has at least a few great songs so it was pretty easy actually.

It’s funny, that one wouldn’t even register for me! But on relisten it’s pretty great, could sub that in for Want to Live Here.

It’s not a classic but find it a very enjoyable listen and between Ivy Lee, Space Station and Keep on Trying it’s got some standouts. Also it sounded loads better live which helps my impression of the album.

Probably my fav of the songs I left off.


I have done one for Simon and Garfunkel… made sure i avoided the live stuff.

but this really is S&G by numbers. roll up a doob, spark up and relax*.

*in no way do i encourage drug use


Yep this is a good listen

Made me realise I like Guilford Fall much more than previously thought and that I really should’ve had Target on mine… and Rend It… fuck it I’m putting them on



Yeah I think Guildford Fall is one of their most underrated songs tbh because it’s buried deep into End Hits which people tend to be harsh on for some reason. Here’s my old band covering it:


Lost Songs is available on Spotify here in Sweden - but I guess they are against the rules anyway?




this is also good btw, leaving Facet Squared, Sieve-Fisted Find and Epic Problem off mine were tough. Think it would be pretty hard to make a “bad” Fugazi one tbh


Pretty damn perfect.
I’d probably delete Dancing in the Dark and ram Crap Craft Dinners at the front, but otherwise I’m with you.
I still stand by them being the best British band this side of the millennium.


Pretty sure Lost Songs is a normal studio album, it isn’t a compilation, despite sounding like it should be.


Ah, never knew that - gonna give it a listen today


It’s a good album, after the long, more progressive tracks of Tao of the Dead they returned with an album of shorter rockier numbers. I really rate it actually. Their most recent album IX though was pretty lacklustre I thought although the blue vinyl does look nice!


Here’s my attempt at The National. 12 songs, 54 minutes, and missing a lot of all time classics. I tried to represent the last five albums fairly equally, otherwise it wouldn’t have been doable.

  • Baby We’ll Be Fine
  • The Geese of Beverly Road
  • Mr. November
  • Fake Empire
  • Slow Show
  • Terrible Love
  • Runaway
  • Conversation 16
  • Heavenfaced
  • Pink Rabbits
  • I’ll Still Destroy You
  • Guilty Party

Some thoughts:

  • Hardest omissions are probably “Little Faith” and “Afraid of Everyone”. They should really be on there, that was probably the most tense they ever got, but I couldn’t decide what to leave off instead. “Carin at the Liquor Store” also feels like it should have made it.
  • I wonder if “Don’t Swallow the Cap” should have edged out Heavenfaced.
  • Only two songs from Boxer makes me feel like I screwed up the list.
  • Sorry about “Pink Rabbits”!


Yeah, Lost Songs is great and very high energy. This song is nuts.