Make a Best Of for your favourite band


And this my stab at Yo La Tengo. Consistently high quality discography and noted for epic 10 minute + guitarscapes but had to be tight for this one. I ditched the 17 minute epic “Night Falls on Hoboken” to put my favourite YLT wigfest (My Heart’s Reflection) as a closer and have omitted quite a few albums to focus on six of my favourite albums. Happy to be corrected / enlightened (and hoping they can follow Fade with another career high!).


Is English even my first language? Sheesssh.


nice wan


can you do a best of S&G but not the songs that everyone knows plz? I wanna hear some connoisseur’s choices


Just wanted to reiterate what a great thread this is. I normally don’t listen to playlists but I’m excited to go through some of these and discover new bands / see what I’ve been missing for some I may have prejudged.


This is my attempt at a Yo La Tengo playlist. Way too much quality to pick from.


had a dabble at making a slayer one


Equally great mix. Stupid Things is a great way to start and Blue Line Swinger a great way to end.


Was listening to this and my ten year old daughter came in and said WHAT IS THIS MUSIC I LOVE IT! I’ve shared the playlist with her and she’s listening to it in her room and is very happy!


Blue Line Swinger was pretty much the only track guaranteed a place. I could’ve swapped out any of the others for equally good songs.

Bit disappointed that there’s a couple of albums missing. I’d have liked to included The Evil That Men Do from the first album.


Animated Violence is my favourite song on Orc as well, will give this a listen as I need to get into the rest of their back catalogue


Pink Floyd - tough as a lot of their tracks are >10 minutes - I’ve mostly excluded those (echoes would be on a top 10 and it’s 23 minutes)…

In an order that makes vague musical sense to me (not ranked):

See Emily Play
Julia Dream
One of These Days
Pigs (Three Different Ones)
Nobody Home
Welcome to the Machine
Careful with the Axe Eugene
High Hopes
Jugband Blues

1hr 1min… if I ignore the time limit and just go for 12 songs then I’d add these between Careful… and High Hopes:

Is There Anybody Out There
Comfortably Numb

  1. The Funeral Portrait
  2. The Baying of the Hounds
  3. White Cluster
  4. Demon of the Fall
  5. Deliverance
  6. Hessian Peel


Well this has absolutely made my day!


my word! got some #opinions about this, will make my own one when i get a chance


The time constraint made it pretty tricky, wasn’t interested in anything post Watershed. I tried to go with the set list they did when I saw them a couple of years ago which seemed to me a pretty good best of but had to swap one or two to get it to fit as close to 60 mins as possible.


Colour me surprised :wink:


Nice, looks a little bit more varied than mine admittedly. I decided not to bother too much about representing the albums that I don’t like quite as much.


12 tracks, 44 mins


Are you the one in the middle; the bassist? Can’t quite figure it out…