Make a Best Of for your favourite band


Between Knifeworld, The Knife, and Shonen Knife, I find it all very confusing.


This doesn’t count, but I made a playlist of Jon Theodore (one of my favourite drummers) tracks. It’s an hour and a half long, but it is 12 tracks. Rules be damned!


He’s so incredible. It’s killing me how the new QOTSA material isn’t being shaped around his abilities.


Very strange, real missed opportunity. The best track on the previous album isn’t even him, it’s Grohl.

Absolutely love One Day As A Lion.


He’s absolutely ridiculous but I really don’t like any of the projects he’s involved in :frowning:


This is fine.

This is my favourite clip of him. What a way to start a rock show.

Might do this at a brass band gig.


Here’s an ABBA one with nothing that was on Gold. Shares a few tracks with ‘more abba gold’ but some others too